lunedì 22 febbraio 2021

Blind Channel on the road for Eurovision Song Contest

On the night of the 20th of February, Blind Channel won the Uuden Musiikki Kilpailu, with their latest single "Dark Side" . UMK is also known as the Finnish national selections for the Eurovision song contest 2021. The band will now be competing against 40 other acts in the Eurovision contest which will be held in Rotterdam (Netherlands) in May.

For those who might not be familiar with the band, Blind Channel is a Finnish violent pop band formed in 2013, by Joel Hokka (vocals and guitar), Niko Vilhelm (vocals), Joonas Porko (guitar), Olli Matela (bass), Tommi Lalli (drums) and the recent addition Aleksi Kaunisvesi (keyboards).

We got to see Blind Channel perform for the first time in 2016 when they opened for Simple Plan's gig in Helsinki, since then we have been following their journey, from the release of their first album through the third, various singles and performances, both in Finland and abroad. Somehow it fills my heart with so much joy to see these 5, now 6, young boys growing up (musically and not), working hard and achieving so much, and unconsciously being a huge inspiration for whoever is out there working hard towards their dreams.

I guess that back in 2016 when I said they were going to take over the world, I wasn't completely wrong ;). 

See you (probably virtually XD) in Rotterdam guys! 

domenica 29 novembre 2020

Save The Earth - OQK

(English follows)

Sostenere Ostia ? "Se lo puo´fare un Ostiense qualunque, lo puoi fare anche tu"
Con una minima conoscenza dei programmi per comporre musica ma con una app per creare basi musicali, senza essere un musicista professionale ma con una conoscenza minima per suonare la chitarra , senza essere un rapper ma con una enorme passione per la musica , senza una band ma con la voglia di descrivere la storia e la gente del suo quartiere...Ostiense qualunKe fa´nascere la sua canzone "Ostia Lido Rap"!

Efo & Awa Onlus e’ la prima a credere nel suo testo ed inizia così una collaborazione per raccogliere fondi e sostenere i progetti per il sociale della stessa Onlus.

Come una pioggia a dirotto piomba nelle reti sociali il video musicale "Ostia Lido Rap" arricchito dal link dei progetti di Efo & Awa Onlus e dalle foto delle diverse associazioni ed attivita´commerciali locali che , in cambio di visibilita´on-line e con la volontà di sostenere il proprio territorio, apportano donazioni ed aiutano a diffondere il video.

Rilanciare l´immagine della Gente di Ostia attraverso una azione solidale e collettiva: diffondere e sostenere la raccolta fondi di una Onlus del territorio!
La canzone dice :"L´unica diga della dignita´...e´ La Gente di questa città...privata del senso di comunità...lotta per vivere con normalità”.

Questa e´una canzone sui problemi e sulla capacità di superarli:
Con la bonifica dei Ravennati Ostia riemerge dalla palude ! Con la manifestazione contro la mafia e la corruzione del Municipio Ostia chiede un nuovo consiglio municipale e nuove politiche per il quartiere !

Grazie al grande cuore di DJ Chicco! la canzone viene passata per la prima volta nell’ unica radio web libera del litorale...con la dedica: “Ostia Siamo Noi !”.

Con un incontro casuale nelle reti sociali Ostiense qualunKe ed i NOT (una band Torinese) si conoscono e subito nasce una collaborazione. I NOT ( NoteOltreTempo ) , oltre che con le loro grandi capacità tecniche ed artistiche , ci mettono tutto il loro cuore e creano una nuova versione della canzone.

Ostia Lido Rap sarà per sempre dedicata alla Gente di Ostia e siccome , “ per ricevere bisogna dare “, e´ possibile scaricare gratuitamente la canzone ed allo stesso tempo accompagnare questo gesto con una libera donazione on-line a favore dei progetti di Efo & Awa Onlus.

Tutte le associazioni e le attività commerciali che compaiono nel video, RQL WebRadio , Efo & Awa Onlus ed i NOT vi invitano a diffondere questa canzone per sostenere Ostia !!!

Iniziamo dal 25.11.2020 , anniversario della bonifica dei Ravennati e nascita della Ostia moderna! “Se un Ostiense qualunKe lo può fare , lo puoi fare anche tu”.


1-Link dei progetti di Efo & Awa onlus:

2-Link per la Donazione Libera :

3-Link per Scaricare Gratis Ostia Lido Rap :

Supporting Ostia Lido City ? “If an ordinary citizen of Ostia can do it , you can do it as well “.
With a minimum knowledge of music composing programs but with an app to create a beat , not being a professional musician but with a minimum knowledge of how to play a guitar, without being a rapper but with a big passion for music, without a band but with a strong desire to tell the  history of Ostia Lido (Rome) and of its people...Ostiense qualunKe creats his song “Ostia Lido Rap”!

Efo & Awa NGO believes in the song lyrics, so a collaboration with Ostiense qualunKe starts with a fundraising aim to support the NGO social projects.

Like an heavy rain the Ostia Lido Rap videoclip is often spread in the social networks with the Efo & Awa NGO social projects link and with the pictures of all the organizations (enterprises , shops, associations) that support the fundraising, help the video sharing and receive in exchange more visibility on-line.

Giving Ostia people a new positive reputation through a collective and supportive action: spreading a fundraising campaign and funding a local NGO!
In the song lyrics we can find these phrase: ” The last dignity dam of this city is made by the local people that are deprived of a se se of community and are used to fight to live a normal life “

This is a song about problems and the ability to overcome them :
With the reclamation of the swamp area made by Ravennati workers , Ostia rises up again!
With a manifestation against Mafia and local Government corruption, Ostia citizens demand a new local government and new government policies for their city.

Thanks to Mr Dj Chicco who has a big heart...the only free web radio of Ostia broadcasts the song...with this dedication: “We are Ostia!”.

By chance Ostiense qualunKe and NOT (a band from Torino) meet on a social network and immediately start a collaboration. NOT ( NoteOltreTempo ) decide to help this project creating their best possible song version using their great technical artistic skills and all their heart.

Ostia Lido Rap will be always dedicated to Ostia People, as “If you want to receive before you have to give “, so it´s possible to download it for free and at the same time to give a free on-line donation to Efo & Awa NGO.

All the organizations shown in the videoclip , RQL WebRadio, Efo & Awa NGO and NOT invite you to share this song to support Ostia !

Let´s start from 25.11.2020 ! anniversary of reclamation of the swamp area made by Ravennati workers and birth date of the modern Ostia City.
”If Ostiense qualunke ( wich means: ordinary citizen of Ostia) can do it! You can do it as well !”  


giovedì 19 novembre 2020

Tuska utopia finds a way to combine a travel show with metal music

While music and travel industries are suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic, and people around the globe have fewer opportunities to enjoy concerts and fulfil their wanderlust. Tuska Utopia offers a new way of experiencing both. 

The concept of Tuska Utopia is created and produced by the team behind Tuska Festival. Tuska Festival is the biggest metal festival in the Nordic region, and it takes audiences on a journey to some of the most exceptional landscapes in Finland. 

Each hour-long episode includes a concert, an interview with the artist and a tour of the location in the spirit of a travel show.

The first season comprises of three episodes. Industrial metal powerhouse Turmion Kätilöt who performed at the Suvilahti gasometer in Helsinki on November 13th (last Friday), power metal band Battle Beast at a secret stone castle on 20 November (tomorrow!!!), and cello metal sensations Apocalyptica at the church ruins in Pälkäne on 27 November. 

Tuska Utopia is hosted by Samy Elbanna from the thrash metal band Lost Society and directed by Taku Kaskela, a household name behind many music videos and TV productions.

“The series takes the visuality of gigs to a whole new level. It was a real dream for a director like me to get the opportunity to create new utopian worlds through music and light design for soulscapes that are so familiar to us Finns,” Kaskela says.

“The power of Tuska Utopia stems from the curating between the artists and locations, which creates a story, a tension and a theme that connects all the concerts in the series. The name of the series itself acts as a kind of reading guide, as each episode reveals an actual existing place in the Finnish landscape, as well as a fantasy world created especially for the series,” adds Jenni Kääriäinen, Artistic Director of Tuska Utopia.

Tuska Utopia aims to offer unique experiences, as well as to create new opportunities between the fields of music and travel. While both industries are suffering from a worldwide lockdown, Tuska Utopia enables people to enjoy both activities in a new way.

“This is not just a way to replace live concerts now that so many events are on hold. We hope to succeed in creating a new crossover culture that I can easily see continuing along its own path also after the crisis is over,” says Eeka Mäkynen, Executive Producer of Tuska Utopia.

The artists featured in the programme all have well-established global fan bases, so the English-language series is expected to attract interest around the world".

The episodes are available on SemiLive’s platform. The price of each stream is €14.90, which includes viewing rights for 48 hours. 

Here you can enjoy a glance of what each episode will be about, and remember to grab your tickets! :)

Stay safe.

lunedì 9 novembre 2020

Diverse Realta', Ale Shamana feat. Taba el Pinta.

 (English follows)

 Diverse Realta', Ale Shamana feat. Taba el Pinta.


Il Nuovo singolo "Diverse Realta', nasce da un progetto di Alessandro (Ale) e Stefano (Taba). 

I due si incontrano 10 anni fa'. Lavoravano a due progetti diversi l'uno dall'altro, e trovano subito 

che hanno delle idee in comune. A quei tempi, parliamo di una decina di anni fa era quasi naturale incontrarsi producer e lavoratori nel campo musicale.Spesso si avevano amici in comune. Questo rendeva ancora piu' facile scambiare idee ed opinioni.

Quando i due si incontrano, da subito emergono delle convergenze artistiche in comune, tanto che Alessandro sottopone Stefano all'ascolto di una base musicale; un ipotesi di un progetto comune su cui lavorare.

Nel giro di pochi giorni Stefano telefona ad Alessandro e gli comunica di avere scritto un testo che si adatta a perfezione alla sua base, e gli spedisce il tutto in messaggio e-mail. 

Nasce il primo lavoro in comune, la prima traccia nata cosi' di getto, quasi per scherzo; "Homemade" 

e' il titolo che i due danno alla prima traccia che sancisce una collaborazione destinata a proseguire in futuro.

Nel corso degli anni la collaborazione e' poco assidua; i due sono impegnati ognuno nelle sue produzioni, ma continuano a lavorare insieme di tanto in tanto. Ma l'idea di creare una traccia di tutto rispetto, si mantiene viva.

Nel giro di qualche anno, il lavoro insieme confluisce in una nuova produzione: "Diverse Realta", una traccia dal piacevole ascolto, un mix di hip-hop soul e fusion. 

Una traccia che facilmente si inserisce nelle playlist radiofoniche. Una traccia che dopo una settimana dall'uscita, si piazza al primo posto della top-ten di RQLWebradio. Una traccia che forse, preannuncia l'uscita di altre nuove; chissa' magari una raccolta di song.  Per saperlo non perdiamoli di vista; anzi d'orecchio.


The new single "Diverse Realta ', it is a project by Alessandro (Ale) and Stefano (Taba).

Ale and Taba met 10 years ago. They worked each one on their own project, and they found to have common ideas. In those days, we are talking about ten years ago, it was almost natural to meet producers and workers in the music field, and have common friends. This made it even easier to exchange ideas and opinions.

When Ale and Taba met, artistic convergences in common emerged immediately so much, that Ale gave Taba an intrumental track to listen; this was the first step of a common project to work on.

Within a few days Taba phoned Ale telling him that he had written a text that fit perfectly to the track,
and sent him the song via e-mail.

The first joint work was born, the first track was born so spontaneously, almost as a joke;
"Homemade" is the title they gave to the first track, and began a collaboration destined to continue in the future.

Over the years, the collaboration has not been very assiduous; each one is engaged in his own productions, but still they work together time by time.

But the idea of ​​creating a respectable track never faded.

Within a few years, the work together converges in a new production: "Diverse Realta",
a track that is pleasant to listen to, a mix of hip-hop, soul and fusion.

A track that easily fits into radio playlists. A track that after a week from its release,
takes first place in the top-ten of RQLWebradio.
A track that perhaps heralds the release of other new ones; who knows, maybe a collection of songs.
To find out, let's not lose sight of them; stay tuned.

giovedì 6 agosto 2020

Rototom Sunsplash announces the first artists of its 2021edition

In 6 years of RQL it never happened that we missed out on Rototom Sunsplash, but I guess there is a first time for everything, of course due to the current situation with the Covid pandemic was obvious that many (basically all of them) events, festivals and gigs would have been cancelled, and while all this made our summer weird and sad, it fills us up with joy to know that there are already plans for the next editions, it gives us something to look forward, and we can't wait to live again those festival vibes that only few festivals in the world can give you. 

The 27th edition of Rototom Sunsplash, will take place always in Benicassim from the 16th to the 22nd of august 2021.

We are happy to see that Toots & The maytals, Barrington Levy, Julian Marley, Inna de Yard and Morodo have been re-confirmed and that some names such as Koffee, Hempress Sativa and Alborosie have been added to the line up.

Below you can find the whole list for the first line- up announcement 

We can't wait to see you again Rototom and to see your next announcements ;)

Stay safe you all <3 

venerdì 12 giugno 2020



Benicassim (Spain), June 10, 2020

Family of Rototom,

The latest information that we have for you, the people who have made the Rototom Sunsplash adventure possible for almost three decades, is not the good news that we hoped for you.
We have suspended this year's event.
The current international health crisis does not permit the festival to be held this summer.

We have worked up to the last minute for a memorable edition wrapped in a hopeful theme, 
We can change the world, but this shared dream will have to wait.

A Rototom Sunsplash without hugs would not be Rototom. It would lose its essence, something we want to preserve. We have therefore put the 2020 edition hold, but not our efforts and the desire to continue.

A difficult year awaits us. After Months of work by a large team to organize the festival this summer, it is the time to reactivate the machinery to prepare for the next edition. We have enthusiasm and energy, but we need more than ever to continue counting on the support and involvement that you have shown us these 27 years. you have helped us to overcome every obstacle along the way.

acquiring your ticket in advance was already a gesture of confidence. Trasforming it now into a direct passport to Rototom Sunsplash 2021 would give us oxygen to build your next reggae holiday in Benicassim. It would go a long way to ensuring that this dream does not end.

However, we know that the current situation is complicated for everyone and that maintaining yous ticket is not an option for some of you. On our Rototom Sunsplash Website we have published our guide on how to managa ticket refounds and any related questions.

We promise you a memorable 27th edition, more exiciting than ever, and we will filful our part of the deal: from August 16 to 21, 2021 in Benicassim (Castellon, Spain).

While waiting, we have the illusion that there might be surprise capable of accelerating our reunion and comforting the disappointment of suspending the festival. Hopefully we can communicate it very soon.

We will come back stronger, together. You deserve to be part of this unique experience once again.

You are our certainty and we want you here. You are Rototom, Family.

See you soon

Here you can check all the information about how to keep your ticket or to request your refound.