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Tuska utopia finds a way to combine a travel show with metal music

While music and travel industries are suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic, and people around the globe have fewer opportunities to enjoy concerts and fulfil their wanderlust. Tuska Utopia offers a new way of experiencing both. 

The concept of Tuska Utopia is created and produced by the team behind Tuska Festival. Tuska Festival is the biggest metal festival in the Nordic region, and it takes audiences on a journey to some of the most exceptional landscapes in Finland. 

Each hour-long episode includes a concert, an interview with the artist and a tour of the location in the spirit of a travel show.

The first season comprises of three episodes. Industrial metal powerhouse Turmion Kätilöt who performed at the Suvilahti gasometer in Helsinki on November 13th (last Friday), power metal band Battle Beast at a secret stone castle on 20 November (tomorrow!!!), and cello metal sensations Apocalyptica at the church ruins in Pälkäne on 27 November. 

Tuska Utopia is hosted by Samy Elbanna from the thrash metal band Lost Society and directed by Taku Kaskela, a household name behind many music videos and TV productions.

“The series takes the visuality of gigs to a whole new level. It was a real dream for a director like me to get the opportunity to create new utopian worlds through music and light design for soulscapes that are so familiar to us Finns,” Kaskela says.

“The power of Tuska Utopia stems from the curating between the artists and locations, which creates a story, a tension and a theme that connects all the concerts in the series. The name of the series itself acts as a kind of reading guide, as each episode reveals an actual existing place in the Finnish landscape, as well as a fantasy world created especially for the series,” adds Jenni Kääriäinen, Artistic Director of Tuska Utopia.

Tuska Utopia aims to offer unique experiences, as well as to create new opportunities between the fields of music and travel. While both industries are suffering from a worldwide lockdown, Tuska Utopia enables people to enjoy both activities in a new way.

“This is not just a way to replace live concerts now that so many events are on hold. We hope to succeed in creating a new crossover culture that I can easily see continuing along its own path also after the crisis is over,” says Eeka Mäkynen, Executive Producer of Tuska Utopia.

The artists featured in the programme all have well-established global fan bases, so the English-language series is expected to attract interest around the world".

The episodes are available on SemiLive’s platform. The price of each stream is €14.90, which includes viewing rights for 48 hours. 

Here you can enjoy a glance of what each episode will be about, and remember to grab your tickets! :)

Stay safe.

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