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Steven Sedalia Interview


Here we are family for a brand new interview with an old friend of ours : Steven Sedalia,
 for the release of his new EP ''The Original Giver''
We have been following Steven since the beginning and we're amazed of the great work he has done, growing constantly yet remaining true to himself. We highly recommend Steven music, and if you never had the chance to listen to him, well this is the right moment !

  • Hi Steven ! we met the last time on october 2019 when Mauna was released. At that time very little we knew of what it would soon be happening in the world. Our collective and personal lives have been shaken from this global sanitary emergency. How have you coped with all of this ?
Music. Creating. The way that I remedy chaos is to create in it, to be inside the storm and sing my way through it. To continue to explore and push myself creatively is the best solution for my mental health.

  • You have just released a new EP  'The original Giver'. Tell us something about it.
It's a cosmology, poetically speaking. What I mean is there are hundreds and thousands of creation stories and all of them contain truths. The Original Giver is the name that I gave to a personification of the force of creation expressed via sound. It's all connected to the mystical ecosystem I've shared through my previous work Mauna. That record was about a journey FROM silence and TO silence, that space of reverence in fullness and wholeness. The OQ, known as The Original Quiet is equivalent to what is known in the religious traditions as the formless void, and the Original Giver is the Being who delivered the First Sound. I'm using terms and images that are interchangeable, meaning the first sound is another name for The Word, Aum, or the Big Bang. The Original Giver is a name for that creative force that made the universe and is within you and me and all of us and is also called Love.

  • 'The Original Giver' seems to be a further step ahead in your growth as a musician. We can recognize you and your style in it, but we can see something more and different from the previous releases, isn't it ?

    I've been exploring with soundscapes and really paying attention to the flavor of the canvas upon which the lyrics can rest and be supported. Sound textures and learning new layers of ways that songs can express themselves has definitely been a focus. That aspect feels like the most concrete sonic difference, but there's always the drive to dig deeper into new voices of expression and that exploration is part of what makes songwriting so invigorating. It's akin to an adventurer in the unknown on a quest to discover new lands of psychic territory. Songs are like guides to new spaces of feeling, so finding them in the depths of the heart and riding them to places beyond is extremely exciting and renewing.

  •  What do you wish to pass to your listeners and supporters through this EP ?
That the same power that hung the stars in the sky and shaped the land and filled the seas is within you. We are all endowed with the essence of The Original Giver in us. It's illustrated in the opening line of the record "In the beginning, when sound birthed the earth, there we were listening, do you remember? A voice was singing creating the world, so what is this now that comes through our lungs?" As well as the lines in "O Creator" that say, "now I know where I came from, now I know Creator LIVES THROUGH MY LOVE." The idea is that the Creator with a capital C is incarnated within every moment of our loving intention and action.  

  •  Which is the song more dear to your heart in ' The Original Giver' ?

    All of them, but the favorite is changing as it tends to do, currently O Creator is up there, it mixes natural imagery with agency, what I mean is it declares there is intelligence behind the patterns of creation, and you are part of that intelligence. It then asks the question what would you do about it? "If a word spelled the universe what would you speak?... If the verses filled the oceans what would you say?" It's a call to action to that part of us that accepts the responsibility of carrying on creation. It all comes to gratitude for The Original Giver, in the end, that's what it's about, is giving appreciation for the way that divinity moves in our lives. We're all waves on the ocean of Her beautiful face. The cosmology goes as follows: 
    1) The Original Giver tells of the first breath that sparked the stars and through the voice lit up the void. (2) The Potter tells of the Creatress who made matter tangible and designed the earth by mixing the elements and molding the shapes. (3) Footprints honors the ancestral line of life that gave birth to us from the beginning to now that is always guiding us. (4) O Creator emphatically declares that the creative instinct that called forth the entire world is within us and the act of creation continues through our loving action. (5) Constellations weaves the web that connects it all together, the human family aligned with the sound, the stars, and the creed “the love inside of you is the love inside of me.

You can find The Original Giver here: general link or here: Spotify

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