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Interview with Cold

 Hey there, 

long time no see. We are happy to be back, and happy to be creating and working on new content for you all. We are starting this new chapter with an interview with Cold, an Italian rapper from Ostia -Rome-. 

Enjoy the interview! 😌

Hey there Cold, how are you, how is this last period going?

Hi! I'm good! We are finally starting again to live. Now that we are freer and back to a semi-normal life everything is better for my writing process and life in general. 

Would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners?

Sure! I am Cold, I’m from Ostia and I’m a rapper. I started with listening to punk and rock music. When I was 14 I then discovered Tupac and my life completely changed; because in his songs he was exactly telling about the anger and difficulties of the youth. Then is when my path as a rapper started. My first album came out last year’s July and is called “Ho visto” which sees a lot of collaboration with the Milan scene. Including Biggie Paul, Nerone, Mastermaind, and much more. In that album, I spoke about the problems that we -youth-  have and everything that my life was. 

At the end of march “Botti” your new single came out which talks about the suburbs where you grew up.

"Botti" is sort of a follow-up to “Ho visto”. Last year’s November my single “Totale” came out which is a very chill song. With Botti I wanted to go back to my feet to share that all the problems I used to see when I was young are still there if not worse. Seeing 14-year-olds on the streets, doing the same thing we used to do, is not nice you sort of realizing that in the suburbs some things never change. I wrote Botti to enforce the relationship I have with my home. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations because of a situation we are living in but no one told us to do this. We did it because we choose to do it because we needed it what I always try to say with my music is: if you have another choice choose that. 

How important is music for you?

I live for music. I have lost jobs, friends, a girlfriend, I have lost so many things but without music, I wouldn’t be me, I wouldn’t be Fabio, I wouldn’t be Cold. I don’t care about profit or success. I need writing, my lyrics are like a personal journal, I just can’t write about things I don’t live on my skin. 

So in all of your lyrics, we can hear 100% Cold? 

Yes in all my lyrics, albums, and future works you will only hear me, of course, there are some things I had to change for the tranquility of the song; but all the things I see, hear, or feel I always put them into music. 

Do you have any plans for the future? 

Of course! We are working on some projects, which will be a bit different. I always have a bit of anxiety because it is a bit away from the “street” style but we are working on something innovative regarding the sounds and the lyrics. 

You can follow Cold on his instagram page, ColdOneShot, on Spotify, Cold.

Listen to Cold's latest single "Mamma esco", here ;). 

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