New releases

Ghost Echo, presents their new single Null void 
Ghost Echo released their third single which is a taste of their upcoming debut album to be released on the 18th of December. 
Ghost Echo is the brainchild of the Dutch musicians Remy de Wal and Karel With. Combining their love for atmospheric synth/guitar with trip-hop beasts. The music can be best described as cinematic electro-prog. Ghost Echo was conceived as a two man project as a result of the lockdown.  
Null Void is the third single from the upcoming album, following previous singles Dust and Black Era. These three singles are a representative picture of what can be expected from the album. 
You can find and listen the songs on every digital platform, including Spotify


On 22nd August 1970 Desmond Dekker breached the UK chart with the trackYou Can Get It If You Really Want. This seminal hit, written by Jimmy Cliff is one that we all know and love! After entering the chart, Dekker’s version went on to peak at an impressive no.2, 6 weeks later.

Exactly 50 years later, Trojan Records is celebrating this anniversary with a brand microsite that will be online on Saturday 22nd and will tell the story of the track. Fans will also be able to take part in a fun quiz and once completed will gain exclusive access to a rare and unreleased Desmond Dekker track recorded in 1968. 

Born Desmond Adolphus Dacres in Kingston, Jamaica, was truly outernational, as he scored with a run of global chart hits that few Jamaican performers have since equalled. A musical pioneer whose career has been consolidated by the moment he signed to Trojan and gained his first solo best-seller, You Can Get It If You Really Want.

"Warriors" is the latest single of the Jungle Prince album, from the Italian young talent Francesco Lautone also known as Papa Fral, born in 1995. Jungle Prince is an album that sees the light after some collaborations, and which also contains some combinations but which finally marks the artist's solo turn. The album was released on June 30th on every digital platform.

The release of this single is accompanied by a video clip (watch the video => here) made by the Mitraglia label team, entirely shot in the Roman countryside and featuring the components of the label which Fral belongs. 


Soulful-toned roots reggae singer Christos DC unveils his new album Self Evident via his own Honest Music imprint. The ten-song project is signposted by first single I Reserve The Right featuring Brazil's Dada Yute.
Two years in the making, Self Evident is the Greek-American singer-songwriter and producer's most profound and traditionally roots reggae album to date. Across ten tracks, Christos' plaintive, delicate voice mingles with a colourful palette of soft yet crisp horns, blissful, celestial guitars, "question and answer" percussion, and gently insistent drum and bass.
In keeping their writer's Greek heritage, the lyrics ask big philosophical questions, encouraging more understanding of life's intricacies. Silence examines the role of saying nothing in our interactions, echoing the Greek philosopher Aristotle in valuing deeds over than words (and closing with a refrain reminiscent of ska classic Wings Of A Dove). Better To Be Free is a rumination on the concept of liberty, ranking it as more important than familiarity or security.
The free-flowing nature of Christos' music is mirrored by his global choice of guests. Amsterdam's Skankin Monks provide the rhythm for Better To Be Free, while Florence Italy's deDUBros supply the backdrop to Be Wise. The sole vocal combination is socially conscious single I Reserve The Right, enlisting a fellow striking vocalist, Sao Paulo’s rising star Dada Yute.
The title track will already be known to fans of the World A Reggae riddim - produced by Poland’s K-Jah Sound and commissioned by World A Reggae online magazine. Closing plea In Peace was co-produced by Tomasz Wojcik, also from Poland, featuring players from the Maleo Reggae Rockers. The Self Evident project was mixed by St Croix dub-master Laurent Tippy Alfred, celebrated for his work with the late Vaughn Benjamin of Akae Beka.
"I have always had a love for old-school reggae and this is reflected in the sound of this album" says Christos of his project. "Horn sections have become quite an integral part of my sound and they play a strong role. I made no attempt to create a modern sound as an organic feel seemed to really suit the project. The songs are quite philosophical in nature dealing with themes such as the connection between our heart and mind. As well as the meaning of silence in our human engagements."
Unified in sound and steeped in feeling, Self Evident dwells in that increasingly rare enclave of soulful, restorative and replenishing cultural reggae music. It's an album that gently ushers you into a deeper, more introspective world. And, as its name suggests, it only needs to be heard to make its truths clear…


Hawaii’s reggae family The Lambsbread present their new single Pass Me The Fire, leading up to the forthcoming album release in 2020.
A blazing roots track, and lyrically a scathing commentary of the system. teaming up once again with veteran bass player Chris Meredith, the bassline is heavy, and moves the track. Composed by Jacob Selassie, and mixed by Samuel Levi, children of singers Kaya and Nadia, the Lambsbread family once again delivers some quality roots reggae music for the massive. 
“From the minute you hear the keyboard skank come to the moment you feel the first bass note drop, the vibes are set for a track of epic proportion. As the singing comes in you are immediately drawn to the lyrics and the melody: Pass me the fire, make me burn dem down to ash” explains Kaya.
Pass Me The Fire, which will soon include a new video clip, is available on all digital platforms, distributed by Zojak Worldwide.


Following the release of his latest EP Nah Leave Me Corner, the French Taiwan MC returns with a new single Colombian Gyal, taken from his forthcoming album which is scheduled for release at beginning of the 2020. It is a song with a Latin flavour produced together with talented singer Paloma Pradal. 
Thanks to the huge success of the single Catalina which came out in 2017 on Taiwan MC's first album Cool & Deadly, the link up with Pradal has already brought fire to dancefloors around the world with more than 50 million downloads worldwide but mostly in Latin America.  
Produced by S.O.A.P  (Son Of A Pitch) and published by Chinese Man Records, Colombian Gyal is available now on all digital platforms.


Italian band The Young Tree present their second album, Borderline, produced by Madaski (Africa Unite). It's a work rich in human and social themes: that address aspects of everyday life and the society in which we live, alongside more introspective reflections and tributes to music and nature.
Preceded by the title track single, Borderline continues the journey begun with debut album Seed, moving away from the strictures often imposed in a musical genre like reggae. This time, the production helps define the group's sonic identity, thanks to the expert hand of one of the members of the historic Africa Unite collective.
Speaking of the album, Madaski says: "It was undoubtedly the most interesting artistic production I've ever done for a reggae band. The themes included in the album range through wide and diverse moods, influences, sounds and styles. The vocals were very precise, and created rather unusual melodic lines that fit very well into the musical fabric. The band showed a great mental openness and the will to renew an often ossified sound, escaping from the commonplace. In my opinion, The Young Tree is the most talented group of this kind to be found in Italy today".
Borderline is available on all digital platforms - and on CD format  at the band's concerts.

After two years of hard work through studio sessions, Saime and The Cool Rulers proudly presents their new album.
The album includes the single Ocean Of Blood, feat Bunna from Africa Unite, released on 11th of October 2019.
Since the first step of writing the tune Ocean Of Blood, the band felt the need to talk about the long standing situation  in the mediterranean see, identified it as a blood-red cemetery coming from the numbers of victims resting in its deepth.
To give more temper to the song, and giving a melodic refrain different from the verses, the idea was to involve a great artist with great voice, always committed to spread a message of peace and respect among all cultures: Bunna from Africa Unite.
The aim of the song is to have a social concrete commitment. For this reason the artist and the publisher have choosen to devolve the income from the on-line sales, to Mediterranea Saving Humans association; one of the most active in saving lives in the metiterranean sea.

Stargate Backing Bandpresent their first album project: B.U Riddim.

Released on September 2019; a title that is a declaration of intent:  Pronounced "Be You", means literally "Be You, don't cheat, be yourself". Title symbolises the desire of the band for accomplishment and realisation through this first production. 
One riddim album that brings together 17 singers, who sing personal style, different lyrics and voices on the same unique riddim. Listening the album is easy to recognize big reggae names such as Luciano ‘The Messenjah’, Jah Mason, Exco Levi e Denham Smith aka Chilli, among new talents to discover such as the Jamaicans - Darrio, Kenny Smyth, Jah Torius, Jahlani Muziq (Luciano's young protégé) - and Makkan J from Senegal. It also features Fitta Warri, Deliman, Sun Sooley, Faïanatur, Marcus Davidson,  Jerry Julian, King Lorenzo and Lan Netty. 
Trojan Records announce the release of "Love Is All I Bring" 
A collection of reggae hits and rarities by the queens of Trojan, will be released on the 25th of 
October 2019.
Love Is All I Bring; A compilation from the queens, such as Doreen Shaeffer, Susan Cadogan, Marcia Aitken, Dawn Penn, Althea & Donna, and other talented female performers of Trojan Records.
This release comprises some of the greatest reggae tracks, whilst highlighting the importance and talent of Jamaican female artists. 
Curated by Trojan to spotlight the many influential women that embody its synonymous sound, the record pays homage to the leading female figures that paved the way for today’s reggae artists all whilst shaping and defining the Trojan story though powerful, meaningful music that continues to resonate at the core of reggae culture and across the globe.                  


Crush : SumeRR’s new single featuring Lasai

New single and music video for SumeRR, the Jamaican artist based in Tenerife. "Crush" is the name of the new single in collaboration with Lasai, one of the most important Spanish reggae artists, in a combination that fits perfectly with its dancehall production by Ras Kuko (Bass Kulcha Music).  

"In this new song, the follow up to her European debut Old School, the singer demonstrates her versatility. Having showcased her roots side, on Crush she leaves no doubt about the ease with which she also engages in the dancehall style. She pays homage to her Jamaican heritage, balancing her voice with Lasai, one of the most active artists on the Spanish scene, bringing years of experience on stage and in studio."

Watch the video => here