Acsel and the reggae rebel band Interview, August 2019
@Rototom Sunsplash 

Hey Acsel,

-We never had the pleasure to meet, would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners? Tell us something about your performance at Rototom Sunsplash's lion stage.

Hey there, I am Acsel, I am the front man of the Reggae Rebel Band from Italy. The lion stage was amazing, I thought I would be way more nervous performing on such a stage, but when you get on and see all that people just waiting to dance, you start and never stop until the end. We played at 5.45 in the morning and it was full of people that you couldst's see at the end of it. It was very beautiful. 

-You also dedicated a song to the beautiful Rototom Sunsplash, how did you came up with the idea?

It sort of came by itself last year I came here to Benicassim, I arrived after the festival was over but I went to the Solé beach (Rototom's beach), and being there was enough to make me create the draft of the  lyrics, arrived back home I sat down and wrote the rest 

-How did the festival reacted to the song?

Very good, actually the festival produced the music video and it was published in their YouTube channel. It was a nice satisfaction, also because it was a gift we wanted to give to the festival. 

-Which is your favorite song in general, a tune that inspire you?

Hard question, there are so many... I guess I'd say Morgan Heritage are one of the bands I appreciate the most, and Alborosie they are two completely different things, Alborosie has more grit and incredible ideas, Morgan Heritage melodies are something incredible where you can only learn from it.

-What are your future projects?

At the end of September (2019) our new album "Sound Good" will be out, which is the album we anticipated here at Rototom. It's a very important album for us, it's our third album but is very different from the other two. With this album we wanted to play with the things we already have and it came out spectacular 

Skatalites Interview, September 2018

So this wasn’t your first time here in Finland, you are back after a few years ; how were the vibes and how did you find the people ? 

It was fantastic, I have always loved Finland. Is one of my favorite countries in the world. One of the best times we ever had on the road was when we were playing at Ilosaari rock (back in 2005), we stayed in Joensuu, each one of us had a cabin on that lake ; if you go on google images you can find the photos we got on that lake ; they also took us on a boat ride, we went swimming…..
We have good friends here.
The 1st time we went to Russia we stopped here, we played at the “world village festival” and in Turku in a club with another band. Then we drove to ST. Petersburg and one of the funniest stories  is when we got to the boarder we encountered to a lot of troubles getting the Russian visa, when we got to the boarder which is in the middle of the woods, there was two guys about 20 years old, and all they wanted was our autographs, they didn’t even looked on the day on our passport, they didn’t even look at the page I swear. They were just “we want your autograph”. 

For how many years have you been in the Skatalites band? 

I have been in the band for 30 years now, not steadily, I took some long vacations, there has been some keyboard player instead of me in these 30 years but for 20 maybe closer to 25 it was me.  Im also the manager, that happened officially in 2000. When I first got in the band, they weren’t playing that much, everybody moved from Jamaica to USA to work, and I was like “man is a year that Im in the band and only 10 shows, let’s do something here “ so I helped them because I was American they were Jamaicans, elders Jamaicans so it wasn’t to easy for them, there is no record, no label, no support financially, we just said “we gotta do this” , actually Bunny Wailer was doing it in the states in 1989, I was in connection with the people that was putting out the tour, Bunny was very open to us being the support in a tour that was a financial disaster, but at least we got publicity from it. We did our very own tour in 1990, our first headline tour, it was the first Skatalites tour and it hasn’t stop since ; everybody loves it. Unfortunately we lost most of the original members. Lester Sterling is still alive, but he’s not playing with the band he’s pretty elder, he’s 82 now, still performing once in a while but not really doing this long tours like we do every month or so.  Doreen I don’t know how she dose it, sitting on the bus, traveling, riding 6-7 hours…. But she loves it. Everyone of the Skatalites has been performing until they have not been able, until they collapsed on the stage, our drummer  lloyd Knob, died two weeks after 14 shows in South America, that’s the way they wanna live ; people say “when are you gonna retire” , but what that means? I seat home and do nothing? Because if you are a musician , what are you gonna do?  I mean you can hang out with your friends so much, but its boring you know?

How do you think the reggae/ska scende changed through the years ?

Oh wow ! See that’s my other story. Because I watched personally watched the entire development, what’s known as 3rd wave ska scene, I watched happen. When I first got into reggae, in Boston there was a band called “Bim Ska Bim" , who had been seen playing in the head role of Alfonso in the second album. And that music was playing on the radio and every day I would hear advertisement for this band playing at this huge club in Boston, and I was like “what is this stuff ?” This is punk ska, I really didn’t understand because I grew up with 2 tone, I personally didn’t know know what Jamaican ska was, I didn’t even know it came from Jamaica, because I knew The English beat, a little bit of The Specials and not really anything else except for when Sting started doing crossover with reggae/rock ; The Police was always one of my favorite bands, Talking heads was one of my favorite bands, I love crossover, I’m not a purist, I love fusions, jazz/rock fusion was my big thing in the 70s. So when I heard the Skatalites I was like “what is this”. People said “oh you gotta go see them, its ska like the English beat”, I loved the English beat so I went to see them, the show was cancelled because of snow and was reschedule, so they finally started play advertisement on the radio, it wasn’t not even builded as the Skatalites, when they played the record they said “Rolando & Alphonso and his orchestra” and then they cut the track and it was James Bond, I heard the scratches and I was like “wait a minute this is 1988 what’s going on with the vinyl so I figured “this band must be old”. So when I went to see them I wasn’t surprised to see these little judge hairy, with this grey beard, skanking away, sitting down already ; he was 60 so was sitting on a chair playing and all guys had grey hair and it was just amazing to me ; I though immediately on a band called “Crusaders” because they played a “Crusaders” tune, it was the old early 60s jazz. I was like this is David Bromberg went reggae here, so that was it for me. I said to someone in the audience “dude if I could be in any band this is the band for me”.
My dad was a jazz tuba player and I grew up with traditional jazz, so when I heard the skatalites I was like… very cool stuff to me.

What is music for you? 

Pretty much joy, I feel like I get payed to ride around in a bus, deal with the bureaucracy, airlines and travel situations and then finally they let us have fun and bring joy to the people. You know in these times its nice to see people really enjoying themselves to the fullest, tonight was just amazing. I was so hoping people would come . Because we didn’t know who was gonna come, we haven’t been in Finland we don’t ever remember how long, I think it has been something like 10 years. 
The whole music, especially near the world economy crash in 2008, the whole scene changed ; the computer has taken over everything with digital downloads, and this and that ; and we are not so current with music video and all these kind of stuff, we have a bazillion of youtube live that people and organizations make but we didn’t put  energy and money into making music video, people complain about this stuff but we have been around for 55 years, you can’t say that. We have a little problems in stay current but we do our best, our Facebook is pretty good we try to keep it real, the music is definitely kept real, thetas what most people care about, the people that like our kind of music. You know our age range is from 7 to 97, and people dance they move some parts of their body when they hear the music and that’s what is all about, we get our energy reciprocal . We make them dance and liveliess makes us playing better and more lively and just like that. 

Julian Marley Interview, August 2018
@Rototom Sunsplash 2018

Bless Julian ! How were the vibes tonight?

Great vibes! Overwhelming vibes of joy!

Was this your first time here in Rototom?

It was the first time here in Spain, we played already in Rototom when it was in Italy.

How it was to perform again in Rototom after such a long time?

I enjoyed it like any other time. I played some new songs and it was so nice to see people react to them.

We met two years ago after your gig in Stockholm. What happened since then? Have you been working on a new album?

Yes ! The new album is finished and it is called " As I am ". (E.d. the album was released on the 25th on January).

What inspired you to make this album?

Well, inspiration comes from the love of the music, the love of life, the love of the world and of the people. "As I am " I think describes itself, whatever gives inspiration, what I am giving people through music. " As I am " has got a lot of different songs, like Cooling in Jamaica or Broken Sails, which is about how the world it is today. Today the world is like a ship without sails, just flowing and we can't get to know the destination. So now we're gonna need some sails.

How was to perform these new songs tonight?

Oh! It was nice, beautiful. We enjoyed it.

 Thank you Julian for taking your time to answer our questions. Bless!

Groundation Interview, August 2018
@Rototom Sunsplash 2018

Hi ! We never had the pleasure to meet before, would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners ?

Sure ! My name is Harrison Stafford, singer of Groundation. Groundations is a group which has been around for 20 years. We have done about 9 albums and its roots reggae like Burning Spear, Bob Marley but it's a fusion with jazz, polyrhythmic harmonic movements ; well its a roots reggae - jazz fusion

What did inspire you to make this fusion ?

It's a part of me. Growing up my father was a piano player a jazz piano player, my grand father played saxophone. So Miles Davis and Charlie Parker were the music I grow up with, since I was a baby. And roots reggae from my older brother. I was maybe 9 years old when I listened to Bob Marley and Burning Spear. The vibrations culture. Roots reggae was "my" music and jazz was my father's. I started playing jazz when I was a teen-ager, like 15 or 16. Reggae is my beginning.

So music is something that is in your family, because basically everyone plays, but what is music for you ?

Music is life. Music is the original language you know. Before there was crying and drumming in the wilderness and that was how we communicated. So music to me is a fundamental. Everybody knows earth, from its iron core has a vibration, the universe has a vibration. Every human being who is living has a beating heart, has a vibration. So music is life. If you surround the world with positive music energy would be positive and people would be positive and healthy and strong. If you surround the world with negative music, there will be negative people and they are gonna be sick. 

Was this your first time in Rototom Sunsplash ?

No, We have been around many times. The first time was 18 hours drive from West France and we arrived just in time to go on stage, quickly and it was raining. It was in Osoppo Italy. Long time ago 2005. So that was our first time. Since then we played six times. 

Did you find any differences between the first time and today ?

Not in the public, in the people. Reggae music brings a certain person. Open minded, seeking, hopeful, joyful. So wether your are in Italy or Spain we are all brothers.

We know you have been working on a new album (which btw was released today !!) that will be released soon. What it is about and what did inspired you to make this album ?

The next generation. Which is very close to my heart. I have three children, so in my life the next generation is very important, I see it everyday. As we get older we begin to look and see what it is we're passing to our children. We find this world is not a good place, so we need to pass on tools who's gonna make them strong, make them overcome obstacles and give them strength for difficulties to handle them. So the inspiration for the next generation, this album, was there in my life. And its coming from the previous Groundation. The previous album is called "Miracle" and its about the female, the empress, the mother of creation and from male and female is the child, the next generation.

Ras Kuko Interview, August 2018
@Rototom Sunsplash 2018

Hi Ras Kuko, first of all are you ready for the show tonight? 

I’m always ready, because I love the music. What I really love about music is this : playing live. All the studio work, the rehearsals has one aim : to share the music with the public live.

Would you like to tell us something about the album “Open arms project”, whom profits will go to Proactiva Open Arms?

-I just released my own album, but I wanted to do something else.I decided to involve other artists from Jamaica, Italy and Spain. To make it really an international effort to help Open Arms. I only involved artists who really wanted to be in this project, who wanted to do it with the heart and not because they “had to”

Which artists can we find in the album? 

“We are fighting against a global problem affecting many people from various countries, for this reason, “Open Arms Project - Reggae Can help” was realized in collaboration with artists from all over the world.”

We can find  Warrior King, Skarra Mucci, Summerr and Ras Takura, Ras Kuko, Emeterians, Lasai & Yeyo Pèrez ,Little pepe & Malaka Youth ,Ras Tewelde and Raphael , Quino, Big Mountain, Apache & Mr Dalias and Idren Artstrong.
All the artists said “Yes” right away. We have two riddim, one is roots and spiritual riddim and this one was the first one. But this one was just for the singer. So I did one more riddim. Ocean riddim & Open arms riddim and we will play this tonight with the band and many wonderful guests. 
All the internet rights will go to the Open Arms association. So downloading the album or even one song, is a way to help not the Open Arms people but the people who need their help. “
Open Arms Project - Reggae can help, is available on all digital platforms. All the proceeds from this project will be donated to Proactiva Open Arms. 
You can find the album in these platforms : I-tunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon music.

"A  person alone can’t do much, but all together we can change the world” 

Paolo Baldini Interview, July 2018
@OverJam Reggae Festival 2018

Hello Paolo, 

We never has the chance to meet before. Would you like to introduce yourself for our listeners ? 

Im Paolo Baldini, Dubfiles, I’m producer for Tempesta Dub, which is an indipended label whithin “La Tempesta” records. Im also a producer for Mellow Mood, Awarak & Forelock and for 3 allegri ragazzi morti. I have a background as regga musician as I played with B.R. Stylers  at the beginning and then for almost 10 years with Africa Unite, and here Iam now.

How did the love for music start? 

Well, at the beginning of 90’s I started to get close to music. At the time, for a young kid, musicians were very strong models. So many kids got started with a guitar, a drum….. This was how I started to neglect my studies and concentrate on music and at mid 90ìs I got hit by reggae. 
At the beginning it seduced me in its more psychedelic form ; dub, English dub…. The first reggae show I went were Zion Train at the beginning go the 90’s, so I walked a long path so far. I got acquainted to roots reggae and Bob Marley only later.  Dub sound was the most seducing part for me.

You talked about Zion Train, you will be at Rototom with them. How that feels? 

Im really happy. Zion Train have been how it all began, way before really understanding all the point of traditional reggae movement. When you approach the sound system culture, especially the English one, you enter in a certain “flow”. Instead I was just a Zion Train fan. I didn’t know anything else. I used to buy their records and they were for me just my icon. They have been so important for me, I started to play bass guitar trying to emulate their lines. 

I can image the feeling then. What would the kid you once were feels about this? 

That kid would probably fall in love with himself at the idea of such thing.

When you started, did you think to get to the point of playing with your favorite band from childhood, to produce big names and all this? 

I didn’t expected this, but I imagined this all the time.  Because dreaming, or imagining happy things coming, is the right way. Of course is up to you to keep up with the delusions and the satisfactions to be faithful to your vision. I was quite lucky, but also very determined. 

Yesterday you performed and on the dub stage. Was this your first time here at Overjam? 

No it wasn’t. I played here already at the time of Riversplash. But it was the first time with the Dubfiles Project.

How were the vibes?

It has been beautiful, as I come from months of touring with Mellow Mood. I had the time to do Dub files and every time is a great feeling. 

We heard from the Overjam University, that you just finished the dub version of “Large”. How’s the feeling? 

Well it’s exciting. When you produce an album, you always think to the potential dub version in post production. Very often, while mixing an album I naturally set aside something for the possible dub version. 

What projects do you have for the future? 

Im working on Forelock new album, which will be a wonderful piece, a lot of energy around it. So I have very high expectations. I’m very happy and it will be done in the next weeks. It will be out in the autumn. And of course Im also working on a few things for my Dub Files project. 

Mellow Mood Interview, July 2018
@OverJam Reggae Festival 2018

Hello guys ! First of all how are you ? Ready for tonight ? 

We are fine and ready, yes !

Is this the first time here in OverJam ? 

No, we already played here at least once but I have been (Giulio talking) at the time of Riversplash at least 10 years ago.

We met about a year ago at Rototom Sunsplash. In these months so many things happened, and among them the release of your new album “Large”. Tell us something about it, how was the process, the feelings while recording…..

To record this album we had to stop a few months, almost a year. Usually we have the “bad habit” to keep touring and in the meanwhile record too.  Instead this time we decided to do things  differently and work to the album in the rehearsal room, working all together on the basic idea of a song and only after going in the studio with Paolo. This has made a huge difference, and all the process was much more enjoyable for us, than working on a ridden on our computer and then going in the studio separately with a very tight deadline. 
It has been a collective birth.
With Paolo the work was very different ; the first three days we recorded bass, drum and guitar, then we went to Rimini where our keyboard player lives and we recorded there. We recorded the voices later, singing two, three times each songs and picking the best one. 
(Lorenzo talking) Me and my brother, we were in front of each other and it was really beautiful. I’m sure we will work on the next album the same way.

Few days ago was released the video of “String up a sound” , the video starts with the name of three cities ; why ?

Because what it is shown in the video, happens in those three cities. It was a crazy idea we got. 
You know, when you tour all the time you fall in love with certain places and you try to include the people you meet there in what you do. It’s not the first time we shoot a video abroad, but put together 3 cities and 10, 15 people, well it was our first time ever, but we really wanted to do that.
There was a sort of central organization which was directing three different film makers. 
In Kingston there was Fernando Hevia.  Lisbon, is one of our favorite cities we already shoot a video, once around Lisbon so we have contacts there too. Instead we went to London, it happened that one month before our gig at Brixton Jamm we were so thrilled so we wanted to shoot a video in London too. But three videos in three cities would have taken so long so we decided to do one video in three different places. 

Always talking about videos. “Dance inna Babylon” hit 50.000.000 of views on youtube. How do you feel at the idea to have reached so many people and that so many people feels like your video/song is also bit about them too ?

This was very surprising to us too, if you think that the other videos don’t have so many views as Dance inna Babylon. That song went some how viral and as I just said it is surprising for us because we would have never imagined at the time what could have happened with that video. 
If you think that it wasn’t even uploaded on our youtube channel, since at the time we didn’t even have one, we never thought youtube could ever become so important.  It is nice that goal was reached in a 10 years span very naturally without any kind of marketing to reach it.  (Giulio talking) If I think it was so unreal when it reached 1.000.000 views, we had a gig around then and we even made a cake to celebrate. 

Is everything going as you expected ? The response to the new album, the tour which is already at its second leg…. 

During the first leg of the tour in the clubs, we decided to make less dates in bigger venues, and it was rather hazardous because the tickets were more expensive than the average reggae gig. But in the end it went well. Now we just started the summer tour and its going so well. The album also is having a great response from the public.  We are at very peace with this album, you know the problem is when you know you could do more, give more. But this time we did all we could. The next one will be even better, but this one couldn’t be better than this ; even if of course we know now what we could have done better. We have no regrets about Large, and we couldn’t be happier.

What are your plans for after the summer ? 

We will keep touring, I think for the next year and half we will be touring with Large, The dub version of Large by Paolo Baldini, will be released in the autumn. We will keep touring Europe and cross the Atlantic but it is still to be arranged so I can’t say more.

Sista Awa Interview, July 2018
@OverJam Reggae Festival 2018

Hello! This is the first time we meet. Would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners?

Hi ! I'm Sista Awa a reggae underground artist. I started singing at 14 thanks to my aunt, who sings in many places in Bergamo area. I think live experiences are the main point to build a strong career in the music field.
Now I'm 21 and I'm working on my second album and I want to thank my whole team for supporting me and making this possible.

You're so young! How does it feels to be in the music business at such young age?

I'm very pleased. I worked really hard with tons of live exhibitions and thanks to this now I can join such important european stages like this one. How does it feel? I'm happy.

About your live shows, you've been on tour for a very long time now. How's going? Like you expected it to be? How's the audience?

Yes I have been touring a lot and I keep having requests from all over the world ! Even Senegal, Capoverde and Asia. Things are getting really serious and I can feel some pressure, but I do all this with great passion and love so I'm sure everything will be fine. I want to thank once again all my fans for supporting me.

Your mom is italian and your dad is from Senegal. Growing up in a multicultural family has influenced and enriched the person you are now?

I grew up with my mom, aunt and grandmother, which are all italian, an all-women family. I met the senegalese and african part of my family only when I was 18. At that time I decided to leave alone for Africa and I took a flight for Senegal to meet my grandparents. It has been a wonderful journey which had a tremendous impact on me and my music, because of course it was very emotional and what I do is just traslate feelings into songs and music. It has been a journey back to my own roots.

And what about reggae music? There has been an artist which especially influenced you?

Everything happened very naturally along with my quest for my origins, my roots. Roots Reggae and African Roots helped me a lot in that period, because I was alone in what I was doing, in my research. If I have to mention someone, Jah9 for sure and then the Marleys of course. At the very beginning I used to make mostly Nina Simone covers and black music in general, so that was my starting point.

At the beginning of the year was released your single ''Be the difference''. Would you like to tell us something about this?

In these times of hatred and confusion a lot of my peers feel lost because society prevent them to pursue their dreams. The change need to begin in the small everyday things, in ourselves.

When you started making musicwould you have ever expected to play in such important festivals and in a way to have the chance, but also the responsability to speak your mind and heart to so many peapole eager to listen to you?

I got here in a very natural way, since I was a child I only wanted this. I dropped off school, started studying music and piano and taking singing lessons. I gave all of myself to this, so I couldn't think my life any different. 


Brain holidays Interview, July 2018
@OverJam Reggae Festival 2018

Photo Credit : Reggae.SL 

Hello Marko,

First of all thank you for taking your time answering our questions.

So tonight is the big night, are you ready?

Of course we are always ready. 

We didn’t have the pleasure to meet before, would you like to introduce yourself tour listeners?

My name is Marko G., I’m singer and guitar player of Brain Holidays, Roots reggae band from Croatia. I'm also a producer.

How did you get into reggae music? 

It was really a long time ago, more than twenty years. Before that I was playing some punk. 
I don't know how that switched it just happened one day. I started listening to reggae music and right after that, I have decided to make some reggae band. And 18 years after here we are !

Who is your biggest reggae inspiration? 

Lot's of names.... Burning Spears.... Steel Pulse... and of course Bob Marley.

How is the reggae scene in Croatia ? Are there many reggae bands or happenings there?

There are not many reggae bands. We are the only roots reggae band from Croatia. But there are band influenced by reggae and many sound systems.

If you could choose one reggae artist from all over the world with whom make a song together, which one would you choose? 

It's a good question ! It's hard to choose only one. ..... I would say the Abyssinian  or Congos. 

Good choice!  Do you have any plans after the summer or other gigs after tonight? 

We have six more gigs this season, then we will go to the studio and record some new material for our new album. 

Thank you very much Marko for the interview ! Stay tuned because soon we will also broadcast the audio and publish the video. 

Las Bajas Pasiones Interview, June 2018

Hello! Would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners and readers?

Las Bajas Pasiones is a project that fits between electronic experimentation, synthesisers, danceable rhythms and electric guitars. This blend provides the backdrop for lyrics that talk about gender deconstruction, heartbreak and drugs both in rap and singer-songwriter form.

When did you start playing together? The idea of the band, and how would you describe your music?

We met one year and a half ago in a bar in Barcelona and the next week we already had our first track together, after some time doing concerts, Toni Bello appeared in our way and came into the project. The idea was to mix different styles, those we came from, like the rap, pop or electronic and speak about our queer experiences with the acid point of it.

What inspires you writing your music? Tell us something about the writing process.

In general, we are really intense with lack of love but also we like to include in our lyrics some optimism and want to kick the " heteropatriarchy".We either make the lyrics together or we write each by ourselves, then we share in common and transform it, as well as other times,   the melody emerges before the lyrics.

Which message can we find in your lyrics?

Downplay the dramas, dancing after a breakup and celebrating, that nonetheless,  life can be a party and whoever opposes, we will nail our " feather or pen

 Your album Rizomas Salvajes was released in february. Tell us something about it.

The Rizomas Salvajes are 10 cuts that we have had throughout our first year together, almost all that we have recorded  was at home and in a distance, as we lived some in Madrid and the others in Barcelona. This Disco is just the beginning hahaha 

Which is your favourite song?

With time we are taking care of some tracks and start to be bored  of others songs, but Sigo Bailando and Rizomas Salvajes are our unconditional favourites.

Our favourite song of yours is "Sigo Bailandolo" too, would you like to tell us something about this song and the video?

The video was recorded one party day, a meet up of friends, in a cruising area of Barcelona, with music, drinks and food, just with the purpose to have a fun day. The track speaks about the positive point of view of a relation finished, not like a default or failure, but like an enriching experience and those memories can make you dance! 

Any plan for the summer ?

We are fucked, we will be working in shit jobs till September, the next season is coming strong. So far we have some concerts in Barcelona 23rd of June and 29th of July, and in A Coruña Pride (Galicia) on 30th of June.

Thank you Las Bajas Pasiones for this interview and for your music !
Keep up the great job you're doing, we can't wait to listen (and dance) more !

Muiravale Freetown Interview, November 2017

Would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners ?

Blessed love family, it's a pleasure for us to be on your website, we are the Muiravale Freetown, and we are from center Italy

When did you music adventure started ?

The band was formed in 2009, when 3 guys decided to write a song in memory of Alfredo Fiorini, a missionary doctor from our town, that was killed in a ambush in Monzambique. Those strong feelings birthed not only a song but a much wider project. That's when our jouney started and it is still evolving today. After an EP of 5tunes, the first album "Muiravale Freetown" came, and was produced by Paolo Baldini in 2013. We grew up live beside great italian artists, but also with international names such as Damian Marley, Bunny Wailer and Soja and in 2015 we've been to Rototom Sunsplash in Benicassim.

Which message can we find in your songs ? 

Beside the spiritual path towards the Rasta Culture, our message and so our main mission, can been already seen in our name "Muiravale" that is the town in Monzambique where on the 24th of august 1992 Aldo Fiorini was killed. Since Muiravale has a very important meaning, the key of our values where the same as Alfredo's. We were actually born to honor his memory after all. 

How did you meet the guys from the great RedGoldGreen ?

As small town boys, we consider ourselves lucky to have found amazing people we can share great moments with. The guys from RedGoldGreen are among these people. We met them in Rome in one of the many reggae events and soundsystem nights . Our friendship became a professional collaboration when they wanted to add our tune Dem Go Mad in the compilation "Push the vibes". We feel so honored by this. So we give thanks and wish the family of RedGoldGreen a big Large Up for their future. Life's the mission. Bless and 


Which are you future projects ? 

We are currently working on our second album, in the meanwhile you can have a look in our website , where you can find everything about us and download our tunes for free.

Thank you so much for this interview, keep up the great work ! Don't forget to give a look at their website and to follow them on facebook, and last but not least remember to check out the "Dem Go Mad" music video ! :) 

Saime interview, October 2017

Would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners ?

Hello RQL listeners, here is Saime & The cool Rulers, a reggae band from Sicily; 4 friends that comes from 4 different kinds of music, each of us has been working on other project during the past, but the love for reaggae music has made us meet, and we decided to work together and to bring forth Saime's solo project and make it more "rich"

When did you music adventure started ?

Saime's solo project started about 12 years ago, during this time he published 3 albums and several singles, which have got a great feedback in Italy and abroad. "Cool Rulers" project started about two years ago ; after a few gigs, they started to work on the first single "Narcos" and on the the album wich is still in progress.

Which message can we find in your songs ? 

We believe that one of the main features of reggae music is its inner capability to bring forth important messages and every reggae artist should be aware of that and work in that direction. Our songs often talks about problems related to the war, social exclusion and immigration, which are very important themes during this period in Italy. For example Narcos apparently talks only about Ganjah , but in instead it's a way to face the narco traffic problem and to confirm our thoughts about the legalization of cannabis, either for medical and recreative porpouses ; and the fact that it can't be compared to any chemical drug. Of course in our song "love" is not missing, since life it's made also of this.

How did you meet the guys from the great RedGoldGreen ?

Let's say it all started from a great friendship and rispect for Virtus, Wufer and all the guys of Red Gold Green. Saime has been in contact with them for quite a while now, Virtus has been one of the producer of many songs from his second album "just me", in which they have also made a featuring in "Not like Yuh". We immediately felt a good energy, a great professionality and so much care in their productions, so we decided to let them produce this project

Which are you future projects ?

At the moment we are stuck in the studio working on the new tunes for the new album which will be released in February 2018. We are working carefully, and we are paying much attention to every detail so that we can give our fans the best product ever, we are working with big artists and we are very happy of the support and the love we get from people who is following us. After the release of the album of course we will get ready for the tour, we hope to bring our music all around.... Maybe also in Finland (LOL) 

Thank you so much for this interview, keep up the great work.

Mellow Mood Interview, August 2017
@Rototom Sunsplash 2017

Hello Jacopo and Lorenzo, it is so nice to finally meet you guys in person ! I talked with Giulio a few months ago, it was february I think, did anything change since then?

Well, now we play Jazz music ! (laughs) No just kidding ! What changed since then... well mainly our plans, I mean, back in February your focus was on the summer tour, now the tour is almost over and we're thinking what to do next.

So tomorrow (today) is the big day. How do you feel ?

Very well, much more relaxed than usual. This is probably the most important gig of the year so there are alwayz big expectations which can bring  some anxiety, but instead this year the feeling is much more relaxed, we're just thrilled to go on stage and play.

This is not your first time here at Rototom. This is your ...

12th time ... in Spain the third, but the 12th in RototomSince 2006 if we remember well. Of course not always on Main Stage.

The 12th ! Really amazing, so we can say that playing at Rototom is like coming home for you ?

Absolutely ! We feel like this is our festival, like everything you see is ours . It is like a second home to us.

What are your expectations for tomorrow's (today's) gig ?

Playing at Rototom is always a bit tricky you know, it is such an important festival. But we only expect good things, good energy, great vibes. We want to make people happy for the couple of hours they'll spend with us and our music.

Among the artists  playing here this year, with whom would you like to share the stage ?

Probably with more than one, we can't  remember the whole line up ; but  for example, if we are not wrong tonight in playing AIDONIA  in the Dance Hall stage, well I really like him, what has done this year, the single's he has got out have been all super cool. Defenetely there's more than one with whom we would like to share the stage.

Would you like to share with us a Rototom memory, you are especially you are fond of ?

Well for example, in 2009/2010 we won the Reggae Contest and that was the first time we played on Main Stage. That is our great memory. But as we said Rototom is like a second home and it is always wonderful. Last year we didn't  come and it felt so strange. It's always great. There are many different reggae festivals in Europe, but this one feels always special to us, with a wondrful atmosphere that you can hardly find anywhere else.

Could you anticipate us something about your future projects ? 

Now we are going to stop and record a new album. This is our projects right now. But we can't say more about it. We hope we'll release it next spring.
Thank you so much for this interview, has been amazing to finally meet you and talk to you in person. Keep up the great work you are doing and be always true to yoursefl because you are really amazing. See you up on stage in a few hours  !!

Shem Reggae Interview, September 2016

Hello Shem, would you like to introduce yourself for our listeners and readers?

My name is Shem I'm a reggae artist. I live in Australia.

Would you like to tell us something about your background?

I was born in Fiji, and attended schools in England and Canada before setting in Australia when I got my calling to do Jah works.

When did you started playing and singing?

I started writing songs when I was quite young, around 8 or 9 years old. I found that I had a natural ability to put music and lyrics together in a way that seemed to fit. I pursued this art that Jah gave me and I started my first band called "Crucial Riddim" when I was 19

Which instruments can you play?

Well I always consider myself as a singer/songwriter foremost and the instruments I play is more from the heart, but I perform and I can play guitar and keyboards.

Why you make music and which messages you bring forth through it?

The reason I do my music is not something that I chose but something that I was called to do by The Almighty. You see, Jah will chose the right people at the right time to do certain educating and enlightening, and my music is simply the vehicle to achieve that purpose. The messages are simply about the real way of life that was intended for mankind and the true purpose for everyone and truth about God. That truth is quite simple but mankind complicates it. I'm brining it back to the basics of Rastafari, which simply means "all is good". Its about the original teachings for all mankind to find their purpose and true happiness. When you look around the world today, you can overstated why we need true direction

Where you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from God. When I was a child I had a plaque on my wall that read "God's gift to you is life", what you do with it is your gift back to God. As a 9 year old child, this resonated with me and made me realise what we are meant to do with our life. But when I looked around, I saw people, living corruptly and I didn't overstayed how this could be paying God back for giving them life. People seemed to go to church on Sunday but then act totally different on the other days of the week. I didn't understand this so I told God that I would just wait for him to tell me the truth and I would follow, because even as a child I had this deep urge to be Godly with everything I do. Then one day I heard a guy called Bob Marley and this changed my existence. I started a spiritual journey picking up and absorbing seeds, and this had lead to where I'm today.

How central is your faith in your life and your art?

My faith and my life and my art are one at the same. It has to be a one thing. I must practice what I preach otherwise I'm a hypocrite. So I live what I sing about and I teach my family the same and we are all one, together strong and aiming for all that is good in our thinking and doing. I live it and breathe it and I sing it and teach it.

Tell us something about "The Wailers Experience", and amazing album with an amazing story behind.

Michal Jordan was one the Oprah show once and he was asked if he dreamed of becoming a famous basketball player when he was young. and his response was. "There is no point dreaming. Just do the right thing and everything that is due to you will be bestowed upon you". So maybe is was due to me to have this experience because I did nothing to achieve it except be a good Jahful person. However I was asked this question by the press recently and the actual lead up to The Wailers experience can be read about by going to this link

Which are your plans for the future? Are you working on new tunes?

I have no plans and its only to Jah plan that I follow but I have been instructed to take this teaching everywhere which I am doing. A new album will be coming out next year and I an constantly meditating on new material for there is much that needs to be said.

Thank you Shem for taking your time to answer to our questions, blessings of peace and joy to you and to our dearest readers.

Cimorelli Interview, September 2016

Hello Cimorelli sisters:

Would you like to talk a little about your big family ?

We love having a big family! It's so much fun having so many siblings and so many fun things going on. It's a blast and we hang out together all the time.

How and when the Cimorelli group started ?

We started in 2007 when we lived in Northern California. Christina, our oldest sister, was the one who had the idea. She is the leader of our band and it was always her dream to do a band.

You did a lot of covers, which one is your favorite ?

We really like the cover we did of Problem! It was a lot of fun to make and the fans love it. We shot it around Malibu, where we used to live.

With six sisters on stage, what does it feel like ?

It feels amazing! We all feed off of each other's energy and we truly love performing together. Also, because we are sisters, we can pretty much read each other's minds.

You released an album a few months ago, UP AT NIGHT, would you like to tell us something about the album ?

We wrote every song on the album. Christina and Lisa arranged all the harmonies. Dani and I (Katherine) wrote the intro on the inside of the album cover, and Dani designed the album booklet! We really put our heart and soul into that album. All the songs came from the heart and we are very proud of it!

Which is your favorite song from the album ?

We all have different favorites. My favorites are Acid Rain and Sunsets and Heartbreak!

If you could choose an singer/band to perform with, who would it be ?

We really like Sam Hunt! A big country artist would be fun.

You are going to tour Europe this fall, what do you expect from this tour and from your european fans ?

We toured Europe last year and we are SO excited to go back!! The fans there are so passionate and so amazing, we can't wait to go back and see them! The show is always very emotional. There is a deep connection between us and the fans that is very powerful.

Have you ever been to Finland ? Would you like to come ?

No we haven't, but yes we would really like to come! We have always wanted to go to Finland!

Which are your plans for the future ?

We have some very exciting new projects coming out this fall. We feel so inspired and creative lately, we can't wait for the fans to experience these new projects. 

Ras Sparrow Interview, September 2016

Hello! Would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners/readers?

Yes! Greetings and love! Ras Sparrow talking to ya! Big thanks to Radio Queen Loviisa for having me.

Which have been the most important influences in your life?

Nature and the love supreme are my greatest influences on a daily basis. Love is the foundation of all things and nature it's purest manifestation.

How central is your faith in your life, in music, in you art?

Faith plays a major role in my life and music. You see music is somewhat like faith in the sense that you can't see it but you can feel it! Faith is what gets me through hard times and what allows me give thanks for all the blessings of Jah.

Who or what made you say "I want to make music"?

From an early age I have been very much moved by music. There weren't any musicians in the house but everyone in the family loved music and music was constantly playing. So I suppose I was just inspired to make that rhythm and sound I so much loved to listen to.

Where you draw your inspiration from? Tell us something about your creative process.

To be alive is inspiration! Everyday living, the struggles, the accomplishments. You can find inspiration in all situations and surroundings. Even in though times I try to draw inspiration and convert that negative into positive.

When did you start playing and which instruments can you play?

Well, I started playing the four-stringed Venezuelan "cuatro" when I was just a kid, about 11 I think. I then quickly moved on to the guitar which I consider my main instrument. I also play bass, drums, keyboards, percussion and do all my own recording and production.

Which messages you take forth in your music?

The message is one of faith, hope, justice, equality and above all LOVE!

In 2008 you released your first production "Sovereign People". Would you like to talk about that first project?

After releasing the song "good seed" as a single in 2005 and having it #1 on Hawaiian radio stations I decided to produce a full album. "Sovereign People" was recorded at different locations in Hawaii including my own Studio One Love and did all the mixing and mastering there as well with vey minimal studio equipment.

Is it true that your studio (One Love Studio) is powered by solar energy? This is fantastic!

Yes I!  Studio One Love is my small solar-powered recording studio nestled in the hills of Puna, Hawaii. I lived on the Big Island of Hawaii for many years and consider it my second home. Live Aloha!!!!

Let's talk about your new single "Lion in a cage". I could listen to it over and over, it is so powerful and speaks some important truths.

"Lion in a cage" is a song about the struggle we all face in these troubled times and a call to "rise above the lies and confusion". I wrote and recorded it in Caracas, Venezuela which is my birthplace and current home alongside the Judahland Band and La Makeda on female vocals. It is a song of suffocation and redemption. "Free from the cage now, my help it comes from Zion!"

Are you on tour now? Have you ever visited Europe?

There is a tour of Brasil, coming up before the end of this year which Im really looking forward to. I have yet to reach Europe but Jah willing I will get to visit it in the future. My music seems to be picking up more and more everyday over there, something for which Im very thankful for!

What are your plans for the future?

To continue living in a positive manner and keep making music for the mind, body, and soul

Addis Pablo Interview, August 2016

Greetings Addis, would you like to introduce yourself for our listeners and readers?

Yes I am Addis Swaby son of Horace Swaby AKA Augustus Pablo I play the melodica produce and perform. 

You're an amazing melodica player. When did you start playing? Since your father was such a great musician, was it natural for you to follow his footsteps?

I Started playing around the age 15 or 16 seriously, now am 27 so yea it was natural in the sense I have a love for the sound of my father, it rased and created me, so its like the soundtrack to my life so in that sense it was already there, but to learn how to play these music and eventually create happened through lots of practice and rehearsals with people like Earl Chinna Smith and Inna Di yard i was also part of a band in New Jersey USA for some years around the age 17 or 18 

Would you like to tell us something more about your father? Everybody knows his music, but how was him?

  Yes. He was a very strong and loving father , he was the greatest and is the greatest father i could have had; he was helpful to people and gave all he could both as a musician and person. He was in simple terms a one of a kind, kind of person in every sense. However the easiest way to express who he was is through his music cause it was a reflection of who he was.  

Can you play other instruments beside melodica?

Yes, I play keyboards although it's the same type of instruments. 

Would you like to tell us something about your creative process? Where does  your music come from?

It's inspiration from the most HIGH RASTAFARI who has created all sounds and melodies as well as the ability to interpret these frequencies into what we call music, like  Niyabinghi Drums playing  the heartbeat which is  a part of every living being. So i take my inspiration from creation and the Most High our Creator Haile Selassie which catalyzed all of the movements of Rastafari in all aspects of livity.

Tell us something about your debut album '' In my father's house ''

It's a presentation of the sounds and vibes i had been feeling and expressing at the time such as road to addis walls of jericho featuring legends like Earl 16 Prince Allah and Sylford Walker it was a production out of Netherlands with Jah Solid Rock

What about Suns of Dub? Would you like to talk about this project?
Suns of Dub is a production platform and performing entity, we also release music as a label and do dub mixing to name a few. It's a project created by Ras Jammy and my self over 6 years ago in Kingston Jamaica. We met while we was attending uni in Jamaica since then we have released numerous projects including 

 For The love of Jah
13 months in  Zion
Selassie Souljahz in Dub 
Major Lazer and Walshy Fire present Suns of Dub
Mighty Crown x Suns of Dub the Far East Mixtape 
The FarEast Dub LP  

We had the great pleasure to see you live in Stockholm during the Julian Marley concert. It has been such an intense moment for everybody in the audience. How was it for you ?Was it the first time you were sharing the stage with him?

Yes i, it was a intense moment for me as well. It was the first time sharing a stage however we have been in contact for some time and worked on a track for his up and coming album which we performed on the said show.   

Which are your plans for the future?

I am preparing my Second LP 'Creation Sounds ' which will feature a mix of my original production live as well as some of my fathers original tracks like Java East of the River Nile . Piperz of Zion and Day before the Riot   

Thank you so much Addis for this interview. It has been so lovely, after seeing you live, to get to know you better. I wish you all the best for your projects and blessings and peace and love in your life.

Julian Marley Interview, July 2016

You are a devout rastafari, how central is your faith in your life and how it reflects on your music?

Well, when we say Rastafari we talk about God, Rastafari means God; so God has a very big impact, because we wouldn't be here. He is the first and the last. A very great impact in life and in the music. I see myself as a messanger of Rastafari, so we bring the message in music. There is the music and the message from Rastafari: one connection.

The gift of music runs in your family indeed. Through your beloved father to you and your brothers. How does it feel to be part of all this?

It feels great, very humbling, to know that you are a part of something that is so very special to humanity. So for me it is humbling and it 's also very normal, natural. So it's not something that we try, it's something that we are, that I am. It feels very great.

How emotional it is to share the stage with your brothers bringing  forth a real legacy?

Very great. it's fun ! For me it's fun and one of the easiest way, you enjoy more the show. Because like tonight, I had to be at the mike all the time singing the words. there's no time to look at crowd, there's no time to ( snap his fingers and mimic some dance moves)... So it's very nice, very great to be there (with them), and it's fun too.

Talking more about music, when did you start playing?

I started playing music maybe at 6. I just loved music!  

Which instruments do you play?

I sing and I play guitar, keyboard,drum and bass

So basically you can play everything!

Not everything, it's only four ! (smiles)

But you could make a concert by yourself if you had more hands!

(smile even more) Yes, I could !

Why you write music?

Why ... I write because we got the inspiration. Words come to you and you have to write. The message comes from the inspiration and I have to write it. And we love music and we would live in a world filled with music and people who make music so it become a part that you love. You know, we write music because we to !

Which messages you take forth with your music?

The message is: ONE LOVE, meaning no barriers, no racisms, no fights. Just love.  One love means I see no color, I see no size, I see no shape. I see nothing than spirit and spirit, people and people. One people. So the message is one love, one God, one aim. The aim is that everyone wants to get better in life. So one aim. But the only way is that we do this together, because separated... only a few things we can lift by ourselves. But many of us can move many things.

Now our last question.Which are your plans once the european tour is over?

We are working on a new album, so we are hoping for it to come out next spring. We are working very hard.

Thank you so much Julian for your time and for this amazing interview. Our listeners will love this !

One Love ! Thank you !

Mike Love interview, July 2016

Hello Mike, would you like to introduce yourself for our listeners\readers?

Howzit everbody, I'm Mike

 Which have been the most important influences in your life ?

My most important influences have been my parents, my wife, and my children. They taught me everything I know about life and myself and continue to teach me all the time.

 Who made you to say 'I want to make music'?

I think Jah always had a plan for me to make music, long before I was ever born into this life. As far back as I can remember I've loved making music and it's been a part of every moment of my life.

When did you start playing ? I noticed that you use a loop pedal to record loops live, I find it brilliant ! Why this choice ? Where did you get the idea?

I used to play with a large 10 piece band, but it was always so hard to organize everyone and count on them all to learn their parts and everything. It was a constant source of frustration. At my wife's suggestion I started playing solo gigs. When I started using a loop pedal it opened up so many possibilities and I just ran with it. I slowly started adding musicians back into the project, but when I did, I made sure they were individuals I could count on, not only musically but emotionally as well. We're back up to a six piece band now.

You are a musician and a songwriter.  What inspires you to write your music? Can you tell us something about your creative process?

Life inspires me. I write about things that are real, and I think I write very literally and sometimes lack the grace and style of a poet. Creatively, I believe that it's all about being open and humble. I became aware that all the melodies, rhythms, lyrics and ideas were already out there in the Universe and we are sometimes just lucky enough to be able to have some of them come together in a unique and touching way through the musical gifts we've been given in this life. When I realized that, the inspiration just started flowing, and it hasn't stopped since.

 Which messages you try to take forth with your music?

Positive messages, of course! I believe music is a tool for healing and awakening. The messages that come through are ones of reconnecting with Mama Nature, with a more natural life, and waking up to the system of control we're all a part of and breaking out of it.

And what do you want to achieve with your music?

I can only hope for more of what I've already witnessed. I've seen so much healing, awakening and unification come from this music, it's truly wondrous and honoring to behold.

I know you have your own indipendent record label 'Love not war Records ' ( I love the name ! ) which released your albums. Why this choice?

Everyone always told me I should call my record "Mike Love Not War". It always seemed a bit too obvious. Then one day when I was putting the final touches my first album, I realized I needed a name for my record label and Love Not War Records popped out and that was it.

 Let's talk about your albums: "The change I'm seeking" "Jah will never I alone " "Love will find a way " and the upcoming EP  "Love overflowing ". What's behind each of them ? Could you pick one favourite song in each album?

On The Change I'm Seeking my favorite is Distant Travelers. I wrote this song about my wife and I always look forward to playing it at shows because it makes me feel more connected to her when I'm traveling around the world playing music. On Jah Will Never my favorite is Heartbeat. I wrote the lyrics about my amazing parents who raised me with all of the peaceful ideals I hold close to me today and try to teach my children. The song just has such a vibe, I love how the recording came out. On Love Will Find a Way the title track is the one. With all the unique voices and the message, it was a vision I had that just became so much more than I even imagined it would be. I was so honored to have Paula, Nahko and Trevor share in that moment with me. On the Love Overflowing EP, there's a song, Three Mirrors, that I love because it's so different from anything else I've done. It's a song that slowly was written over the course of more than ten years and it just seemed to fit in the collection, so I recorded it, and in the end it became my favorite on the album. 

You have been touring\sharing stage\playing with Trevor Hall,  Xavier Rudd, Nahko, Mike Franti and many more. Such great conscious artists which I personally love and admire. Do you want to tell us about these amazing experiences?

Playing music with and just sharing space and hanging out with these guys have been some of the funnest times of my life. I'm so inspired by each of them and feel so honored and blessed to work with such talented and tapped in individuals.

 Have you ever been in Europe? 

I haven't been to Europe since I was sixteen, on a trip with my parents, so it's been quite a while. This is my first European tour playing music this July, 2016.

 Which are your immediate plans? 

Well, we have 2 more weeks in Europe, then 3 weeks in the U.S.  After that I return home and spend some much needed time with my family. We do have a number of festivals and small tours left in the U.S. and Canada to fill out the rest of the year. I also plan to get back into the studio and start working on my next full length album.

 Mike, let's pretend I'm the genius of the lamp. You can make three wishes. Which ones they are ?

Ha, I don't really make wishes. I try to just live in the moment, take life as it is and go with the flow. If you wish for things you never quite get what you want, and then you spend so much time fretting about it that you miss what's all around you that's probably better than what you wished for in the first place.

Thank you so much Mike for this interview, it has been great to get to know you better, and thank you for your incredible music. We wish you all the best for your future.

Trevor Hall Interview, July 2016

Hello Trevor, It's so great to host you here on our web-site ! Would you like to introduce yourself for our listeners\readers?
Bless! Hey everyone ... my name is Trevor Hall and I'm a musician from the US. Glad to be speaking with you. 

When did you start playing\singing?
I started playing when I was really young. My dad plays the drums and there are pictures of me in my diapers banging away on them. Music was always around the house and it was a natural direction for me to pursue.  

How would you describe your music?

It's a mash up of a bunch of different styles ... mostly acoustic, reggae, rock, and folk. It has a lot of spiritual undertones. Growing up I was really inspired by Bob Marley and Ben Harper ... so there is a lot of that influence in the music.  

What inspires you writing your music ? Can you tell us something about your creative process ?

Music is LIFE! For me, it is inseparable for the everyday. The inspiration could come in any place and at any time. My job is to listen. Most people think I am a player of music but I look at myself as more of a listener. I am listening to what's being told to me. When I'm out of the way and I allow the music to come through ... it is one of my favorite feelings in the whole world. 

Which message can we find in your lyrics?

Each song carries something different ... but I think one main theme is to look within. There is something more. That's what I think the lyrics point to. Of course there are those messages of love and peace and all that stuff. But for me, the important message is to look within.

We read that you often visit India, would you like to tell us how these visits have been changing and shaping you during the years? 
India has changed my life. Traveling there year after year and investing myself into that culture has naturally shaped my music and person. India is a land of saints and sages. Bathing in their wisdom has changed the course of my river. I am forever grateful. 

Let's talk about KALA now ! Such engaging tunes yet sweet and soothing. Truly a gem in our opinion.
Thank you! KALA was a really great project for me. The word "KALA" means "time" in the ancient sanskrit language of India. It was inspired by my grandmother who one day said to me, "Isn't time such a wonderful gift?" That was an interesting idea for me, as I have always looked on time as a pressure and a burden. But through her gentle words, she transformed my outlook and the songs on KALA are an expression of those experiences. 

Is there any artist whom you would like to work with ? Or that you already worked with and it is especially dear to you?
I've been very blessed to have worked with a wide variety of artists. All of them have inspired me in different ways. Off the top of my head, I would love to work with Bjork. I have been a huge fan of hers since high school and it has always been a dream. Other than that, I'm not sure at the moment.  

Which is your favourite song among yours? And you favourite song ever?
It depends. When I'm alone, my favorite song is different than when I'm playing on stage for a bunch of people. When we play live, I love playing a song called "My Beating Heart." It really just puts me in a space and really gets me going. When I'm alone, I love playing Kabir II or Samaya.  

Will you tour Europe in the next future? And what about Finland, have you ever been here?

I have never been to Europe! I want to go so bad and we are really hoping to get something on the book soon.  

If you could make a wish, which one it would be?
To have full surrender.  

Yeshe Interview, June 2016

Hello Yeshe, would you like to introduce yourself for our listeners\readers?

I am a singer/songwriter, percussionist, playing 2 African melodic instruments, the Mbira Dzavadzimu from the Shona people of Zimbabwe and the Kamele Ngoni from the Bambara people of Burkina Faso and Mali. I was born in Germany, but left there at age 16 to discover the rest of the world. I still travel a lot but am now based in Byron Bay, Australia.

When did you start playing\singing?

I used to sing in the school choir when I was young and also studied classical guitar back then.

When did your interest in African sounds begun?

When I was 14 I started studying African drumming with world renowned Ghanaian master drummer Mustapha Tettey Addy, which completely changed my musical path from then on.

So you were very young when you left home for african countries. Can you tell us more about that experience?

Travelling and living in different African cultures, I got adopted into the families of my teachers and straight away felt very much at home.

In which countries have you lived so far and what has, each of these countries\people, given to you? How many languages can you speak?

I have lived in more then 20 countries and speak bits and pieces of many different languages, but learned very quickly to communicate without language and through music.

How would you describe your music?

Good question, but difficult answer. I have been described as a “genre bender” as it seems hard to fit me into any particular musical genre. I see myself as a singer/songwriter, but my instrumentation is quite unique. I studied a lot of traditional music and played in Africa in a lot of traditional settings and ceremonies, but my teachers always encouraged me to find my own voice in my music.

What inspires you writing your music? Tell us something about your creative process.

Everything inspires me, I think that as musicians we become vessels or channels, it feels like the music just flows through me. I don’t necessarily think that I am the one doing it.  Some days a new song starts to develop and I often wonder myself where it came from.

Which message can we find in your lyrics?

All kinds, really, I never know what inspires me to write at any given time.

'Peace of mind' and 'La Ballade de Jean Batailleur', two of my favourite songs of yours. Soothing, engaging, wonderful songs. Would you like to tell us something about them?

Well, ‘Peace of Mind’ is really just some personal thoughts about finding that ‘Peace of Mind’ that, I think, most people are somehow looking for. I came across ‘La Ballade de Jean Batailleur’ when I was on tour in Quebec, the French speaking province of Canada. It’s a song written by Zachary Richard and most people in Quebec seem to have a strong connection to that song. When I first heard it there on the radio, it really touched me on a deep level and I knew that I had to try my own version of it. Zachary Richard has since contacted me to tell me that my version is his favourite version that anybody had done of any of his songs and he became a big fan of my music, which of course made me very happy, as I was a bit nervous of how he would react to the way that I changed the song.

And about the whole 'Roots and Wings' cd ? I consider it such a gem, filled with different sonorities, atmospheres, languages ...

‘Roots & Wings’ was my second CD and it was really about honouring the ‘roots’ of all the music that I had learned and then making it my own, becoming my ‘wings’.

With which artist have you worked with? With whom would you like to work?

I have collaborated with a lot of different artists all over the world, it usually just seems to happen very organically, there is not really that much planning involved on my behalf.

And what about your collaboration with Xavier Rudd and the United Nations? How's been that experience?

I met Xavier Rudd many years ago while touring and he has since become a good friend of mine. Our favourite time together is sitting at a fire, playing music and sharing ideas. We talked about the idea of collaborating for a long time and finally the timing was right when the ‘United Nations’ were born. It was a great experience, we had the perfect team come together.

Are you working on some other project at moment?

Yes, I have just finished recording my new album ‘Woven’ and I am very excited about this. I feel that on this album I finally found my voice/sound. It’s a lot more raw and gritty, and the lyrics are very deep and close to my heart. The album will be released later this year. If you are interested please check my website:

We are italian, we live in Finland and we are curious. Have you ever been to Italy or Finland?

I have been to Italy many times, I love the Italian audiences, but I have yet to come and play in Scandinavia, I hope that it will happen soon. I always love experiencing new places.

If you could make a wish, which one it would be?

I guess my biggest wish is peace on earth and that we all take more responsibility to look after our precious planet.

Thank you again Yeshe for the interview but most of all for the great music, we can't wait to listen to 'Woven' !

Blind Channel Interview, June 2016

Hello guys,
Would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners/ readers?

Aiyo! We are Blind Channel, a violent pop band from Finland formed in September 2013. We are signed to a Finnish record label Ranka Kustannus and our first album is set to be released next fall. 

The band was formed in september 2013, how did you guys met?

Blind Channel was formed by our guitarists Joel and Joonas. The two were in the same school and had a history in competeing each other, but eventually they got over their rivalry and ended up forming a band together. Joel and Joonas knew the drummer Tommi and the basist Olli from their previous music projects and asked them to join in. Finally, Joonas and Tommi met Niko at a highschool party and after jamming to some tunes from Linkin Park and Enter Shikari, Niko decided to join the band.

Why did you choose the name Blind Channel ? Who came up with the name?

When we started we had many names for the band and we actually ended up choosing Blind Channel a few hours before we put up our Facebook page! It was Niko who came up with the name and we decided to use it because it was easy, and we thought it sounded and looked badass. The name also has some controversial aspects that are also included in our lyrics. People in today’s society are spending too much time staring at meaningless screens - blind channels. It’s time to show them something real. It’s self-irony actually. 

Have you always dreamed of being in a band?

I think that one way or another we all share the dream of being in a band and doing it for a living. And that dream grows stronger everyday. That’s what keeps us going.

What do you like most of being in a band?

Everything really. The tours and the shows and the feeling afterwards. It’s just amazing to write music and perform live. We’re born to do this.

Are you all involved in the writing the lyirics and the music?

Blind Channel songs are written by Niko, Joel and Joonas, but Olli and Tommi arrange their own instruments into the composition. Niko mainly writes the lyrics, but it’s important to note that Blind Channel would never release lines that weren’t approved by the other band members. 

You have been performing in many places like Provinssirock, Ilosaarirock, Qstock at the Circus with Simple Plan..... Where would you like to perform next?

Our shows involve a lot of running and jumping around, so we always hope to make it to the big stages. The bigger the better! Right now our goals are somewhere outside Finland, partly because we like travelling but mostly because we feel like our main audience is outside Finland. We also love to play at festivals because of their atmosphere.

Which is the best memory you have as a band?

There’s too many! Wacken Open Air and Sziget Festival were awesome trips that included laughter, terror and survival. There are lot of great stories. Also the experiences of touring with Simple Plan and supporting Enter Shikari are on the top of the list.

Do you have any new music coming up soon?

We’re gonna release our debut album before next fall and at least one single before that. 

Do you have any gigs coming soon?

This summer we’re doing some festival shows in Finland and next fall we’re travelling to Norway to be a part of The Edge Nordic Festival. When the album comes out we’ll be touring a lot first in Finland, then abroad.

We knew you opened the Simple Plan concerts in Helsinki, Tallin,Riga and Vilnius would you like to tell us something about this experience ? 

It was an amazing experience! Definately the best tour we’ve done so far. The Simple Plan guys were really nice and had a good taste in cheesecakes. Like every Blind Channel tour, this one as well included some dangerous-yet-hilarious moments. For example when we were making our way from Lithuania to Latvia, Joel accidentally and literally - stepped on the toes of a customs-officer and they almost didn’t let us go through. Fortunately these situations ended up in laughter and we got ourselves more stories to tell.

Thank you very much, guys for this interview it was great to know more about you. We really hope to see you again soon.

Sam Garrett interview, May 2016

Hello Sam, would you like to introduce yourself for our listeners/readers?

Hi my name is Sam Garrett and Im a singer songwriter from England singing songs of love and of self realisation on my journey so far

When did you started playing/singing?

I have always sung my whole like as far as I can remember but I started getting interested in the guitar around 7/8 years old and would mostly just sort of pretend that I was playing it walking around with it pretending to be a rock star. Then I started to learn around the age of 9 and would listen to old tapes that my parents had of different bands and singers and copy those sounds with the guitar

How would you describe your music?

The music is clam, peaceful, some reggae influences are in there, it's music from the soul for the soul. It's music to heal and to shed light, wisdom and truth to those who can connect to it.

What inspires you writing your music? Can you tell us something about your creative process?

What inspires me is life itself, along with all the great saints and sages and Awakened beings throughout the ages that have come and delivered their message of unity and love... it is a continuation of that through music. Somehow when I am empty of 'me' the songs come from that space it's hard to describe but it's like the body is a vessel for something higher to use to bring forth this wisdom and universal truth. There is also love songs which have arose from experience and other things that I choose to say when I feel it is necessary. 

Which message can we find in your lyrics?

As I said before the message is no different from the Buddhas or what Christ said, to me it is always the same message and that is that you are the peace you are looking for, that we do so many crazy things in this world to find happiness and peace yet we are the self. The self is that principle which is eternal consciousness, it is peace and happiness yet we look outside for fulfilment and pleasure but it is always short lived. Better to turn inwards and find the source of life itself and then true happiness will be revealed and has always been and will always be.

We read that you have been living in an ashram for a while and then travelled to India. Can you tell us something about this experience?

Yes it started when I was younger and had a real fascination for India, I started reading books like Be here now by Ram Dass and books written about Ramana Maharshi and Sri Ramakrishna and was hooked straight away. Reading those books something was being satisfied inside and I knew I would have to go to India to experience it for myself. It has influenced my life in such a big way and led me to my guru and deeper realisations within myself and for that I am very grateful. 

Your first two EPs are truly beautiful, soothing, joyous,engaging. We know you're working on your first full lenght album right now. What can we expect from it?

Yes, well this album is a lot different from my two previous E.P's because neither of them especially Namaste have any production and were quite rushed being recorded in very little time, Namaste was recorded in a day and so when it came I recording these songs I knew I wanted to take my time with them. 
There is 12 songs in the album some of them you will have heard as I have posted some very rough videos of me playing them on YouTube but a lot of them are new songs which people haven't heard before and like I said there is drums, harmonies, bass lines, keys, percussion lots of stuff going on which is what I've always aspired to have but its never happened before. Now I am lucky enough to have a great team around me who support me and believe in me and are taking the music to that next step which is really exciting and I look forward to sharing it with you

Which is your favourite song among yours? And your favourite song ever?

My favourite song, at the moment is a song called shrines which looks like it could be the first single from the album. It's a special song to me because I wrote it in India and it just encapsulates everything that I want to say in music, it's just really honest and it is my heart layed out with no fear. 
My favourite song ever would be between Hara Hara Hara Mahadev/Om Namah Shivaya by Jai Uttal or Zion Train by Bob Marley but it's hard to say because there are so many greats. 

Have you worked with any other artist until now? If you could work\play with any artist, who would be?

I've worked with Sway, a rapper from London who is now producing my album, errm Roaman, Ny Oh, Thomas James Smith, Nate Maingard we've all collaborated in some way or another but if I could choose someone to play with it would be probably Trevor Hall, just because I would love to sit down with him and I feel something would stir from the roots upward and magic could rise. Also Mike love I'm really into him right now and would love to collaborate with that man.

If you could make a wish, which one it would be?

Hmmm one wish to rule them all..... It would have to be peace on earth I can't think of anything else that I'd really enjoy. I think just to see it would be incredible, to walk down the street and give five our brother and give a hug to your sister everyone knowing the real deal. But I know in the greater picture life has to be like this and everyone shapes their own world out of their own experience but it's a nice wish ;) 

Do you want to tell something to our listeners\readers?

Yes please go and check out Ramana Maharshi, go to and take a look at my baba, and be kind to yourself and to others and know there is really no others it's all you, you are the self and I love you.

Thank you so much Sam for this interview. It has been so heart warming to get to know such a love-driven talented artist like you. Keep sharing your music and your wonderful thoughts. 

Elin Kåven interview, May 2016

Hello Elin, would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners\readers ?

Hello! I am Gárdin- Inggá Brita Elin. That is my sami name. The sami name is the name of one of your grandparents (Gárdin-Ingá), one of your parents (Brita is my mother) and your given name (Elin). Elin Kåven is my Norwegian name. I am from Karasjok in the north of Norway, I lived a away for about 16, years, but a few years ago I moved back to nothern Norway. I live in Alta now. 

 You belong to the Sami people, how was to grow up as a Sami ?

We hade a very close and dear relationship to nature. We always gather berries, fish, hunt and get our own wood for burning from the forrest. Every summer I would spend with my grandmother in the moutain house where we would fish and gather berries. The life cycle is very much tied to the seasons, and we follow the natures rythm in a different way then living in the city. The sami way of raising a child is to make the child as independent as possible. I feel like I learned by experiencing, we used knives at early age, and we played alot out in nature. 

 When did you start singing\composing ?

I started singing when I was a child. At the age of 4 I had already told my aunt I was going to sing on stage like my father did. He sang in a swing-band at the time. During my childhood I did alot of TV and radio for sami children. Sami children's programs are made by and for sami children. It was alot of fun! And it´s fun to listen to it now. I think I wrote my first ever song when I was about twelve. That song was about how the world would be if we all lived in the same building and we all spoke the same language and knew each other. How big the building would be... hehe.

Do you play any instrument ?

I used to play alot of guitar when I first started writing my songs for performing. And the first year as a solo artist I did play guitar on stage, but when I got a professional guitar player, I started dancing instead of playing guitar on stage. I still play the guitar sometimes, but never on stage...  

How does your Sami heritage has influenced your music ?

My sami heritage has become more and more important for my music. When I started writing and performing music it was mostly to express my own feelings, and for therapy, self-expression reasons. I wrote in English until I started to write in Sami - because I didnt want to loose my language. But I still continued writing in English as well. But since I started recording music I have only written in Sami. It´s is very rare for me to write in English now. But because I sing in Sami language my audience and everyone I meet tend to want to talk about my sami Heritage, so in that way this is something that I have very often had in my mind. It made me realise how unique we are and how important it is that we preserve our culture. It has also inspired me to learn more about my own culture, and the last years I have finally started joiking on my concerts. Joiking has been illeagal, so I did not learn to joik as a child, but now as an adult I understand that I can do it, and it has connected me with earth and nature in a new way. My music has brought me closer to my sami heritage and it has shown me the way to preserve our culture in my own way. 

Do you write either the lyrics and music or do you work with someone else ?

I write all the lyrics myself. But for my last album I worked with a known sami writer Inga Ravna Eira. She is a poet and also an expert in Sami languge. The sami laguage is unfortuately very coloured by Norwegian and English ways of saying things, so this time I wanted to make sure that my lyrics where written in as good Sami as possible. I wrote the lyrics, and she helped me adjust the sentences to make sure I use the correct sami casus or the way to build sentences. 

Would you like to say something about your creative process? What inspires you ?

I have always found the most inspiration in nature. I don´t know how to expalin it properly, but when I am in nature I feel like the whole world is supportive of my creative prossess. The trees and the tundra where my first audience, and they always felt like an supportive audince. And not only supportive but also encouraging. Like they where sayin: "Sing, Elin! Why don´t you sing? We want to hear you!". When I spend time in nature the songs and lyrics seem to come into my mind nonstop. They way I write songs is usually that I record a melody with or without lyrics on my phone or recording device, and later I willl adapt the lyrics and melody to each other. Not before this is done my producer and I will use any instrument to the song.

Which kind of message can be found in your songs ?

I think most of my songs are personal songs of my own experiences and life, and my last album is also very private. I sing about my niece, grandmother, cat and ex-boyfriend. The lyrics are my experiences in life. My other topic is sami mythology. If I don´t write personal lyrics, I would write about sami mythologi like "ulda" underworld creature from nordic mythology, and I feel more and more like this is a topic I want to continue writing about.

You're also a dancer. How important is dance for you (either in life and during your shows )?

My dancing is actually more important then many would think. I started my music carreer at the same time as I started teaching dance, and both of the careers grew simultaneously, and I became very successful in both. So successful I was no longer able to do both, because I had 2 different full-time careers to take care of. There was just not time. It was as a dancer I got my nickname "The Arctic faery" - because when I danced people would notice that I came form the north through my expression. They would say that I looked like a wild arctic faery that had been under the tundra for a 100 years, and now emerged dancing. After I realised that I could not be doing both as much as I wanted to, tried to combine dancing and music in a way that I would dance more and more at my concerts - and this is something I have loved to do, so I see more of this in the future as well.

Would you like to tell us something about your last album ?

My last album is as I said more private then my other albums. This time I feel like I have actually returned to my roots. I have recorded joiking for the first time, and I have approached music in a more sami way. It is normal to joik things that are close to you, and things that you love, and that is also the reason why this album has become to private. The songs are written after I moved back to Sapmi after 16 years living in cities, and when i moved back I also felt like I connected with nature and the Sami culture, so for me this album is the album that is closest to my sami roots. 

 If you could make a wish, what it would be ?

To make a wish about anything? I think we all wish for happiness, don´t we? That is kind of what we all seek deep down. I think we are on earth to learn how to be happy and what happiness is. I wish that all people would know how to find happiness. I think that would make a huge difference in the world. People often look for happiness in wrong places. The world we live in is very much focused on material things, when the only thing that can actually make us humans happy is when we look inwards, and act on that - not the other way around. We often seem to think that someting outside of ourselves can make us happy... Unfortunaly this is something commercialism has taught us. That happiness is someting we can buy....

Do you want to say something to our listeners\ readers ? 

Music brings you to magical places. I have been working fulltime artist and dancer for 10 years now. I feel very blessed to have so many great fans who always support me, they are truly beautiful people. I am happy to be inspiration to you, but at the same time you have also inspired me in so many ways. I truly look up to you! I am happy to have you in my life, and thank you for being so great people! I wish you all happiness and everything good! 

Thank you so much Elin for this fantastic interview and for you wonderful music,
We really look forward to see you live one day !

Nate Maingard Interview, April 2016

 Hello Nate, would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners\readers?

Sure, I’m a modern troubadour. Inspiring others to live more purposeful and open-hearted lives, through the art of storytelling and song.

You call yourself a moder troubadour, a story teller. Which is the difference (as you feel it) between a storyteller and a 'singer'?

Anyone who has the voice/training for it can sing. They can sing about ice-cream, they can sing about love, they can sing about whatever they want, and that’s totally ok. To be a true storyteller is to have the capacity to take people on a journey through their own hearts and minds, to self-discovery, magic, love, tears, laughter and everything which encompasses the human experience. Stories were the first way that humans recorded important information and histories, and stories helped us make sense of a confusing and mysterious reality. Stories still do, but it takes a storyteller to light the fire of magic living in the stories of our hearts.

When did you start playing\singing ?

I’ve been singing since forever. I began playing guitar when I was 14.

What inspires you ? Do you want to tell us something about your creative process?

I am inspired by the impact my songs and stories have in peoples’ lives. When someone tells me that my song calmed them down, or my story made them feel ok about themselves…well, then I am inspired to continue. I’m inspired by reality, by humans and all creatures of this realm. As we all strive to exist in the best ways we can, it’s a beautiful, painful, worthwhile pilgrimage we are all one. Tiny specks of dust in an infinite mystery. Wow! My creative process is just to flow. I play, I think, I wander, I learn, I love, I hurt, I make mistakes, I am attacked, I make peace…and all of that somehow becomes art, when I sit down with a pen, or a guitar, or a video camera, and I just let it flow.

 Which kind of messages can be found in your songs ?

That our similarities are so much more than our differences. We are all on a journey and it’s ok to be vulnerable, to be real, to be honest and delicate. In these rest the strength of oceans. I sing about romance, sexuality, revolution, relationships, trees, fairy-tales, madness, depression, magic, wolves, forests, eagles, Divinity, family. I sing about whatever comes out when I sing.

Would you like to tell us something about your past albums ?

They all came about thanks to support from incredible humans. This whole amazing ship only sails with the loving kindness of my community, my close friends, my family, and my global tribe of supporters and connections. Every song exists thanks to the people I’ve met and the roads I’ve wandered.

'In the shadow' is one of our favourite song of yours, would you like to tell us something about that song?

Thank you, it’s a favourite of mine too! 
I began it in San Francisco, roaming the misty streets, watching people go about their lives. Some were laughing, some were rushing, some were dressed stylishly, some were homeless. The first verse came to me in those moments. It was months later, while living in a tiny attic room at my friend’s house in London, that the rest arrived. So much of my life I spent running away from the parts of myself I didn’t like. I blamed the outside world for my reality, kept thinking that if I changed my place, I’d change my state. But the same state always created itself around me, and I realised that the things I was running from were only inside of me. I turned to face and embrace my demons, my shadows, and they became my teachers and companions. This process is life-long, it never ends.

Are you working on something at the moment ?


We know you have traveled a lot. Which is the best place where you have played so far ?

In the hearts of every person who has taken time to slow down enough to really listen. To share tears, laughter, songs and vulnerability. Those places live in all of us and they are where I love to play most.

Have you ever been to Finland ?

Nope, but I’d love to!

Is there an artist you would like to play with ? And why ?

The Lyrical Nomads ;). Because they’re my best friends, my soul tribe, and they make my heart fly with love.

 If you could make a wish, which one it would be ?

That every single person who heard John Lennon’s song Imagine was inspired to live by the truths therein.

 Do you want to say something to our listeners\readers ?

"You are the self, you are what you’re looking for.” (Either Sam Garrett or Roaman, hah, can’t remember right now)

Thank you Nate for the interview but most of all for your great music ! We wish you all the best and we really hope to see you in Finland someday.

Interview with Liverbox, April 2016

Would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners/readers?

Hey there all you Radio Loviisa Rock n'rollers!! They call me Ozzi and I bang the drums in this band called Liverbox

When was the band born?

The roots of the band goes back all the way to year 2006 when Mr. Järvenpää formed the first incarnation of the group to play AC/DC tribute gig here in Oulu at the AC/DC Marathon happening. But this here form of the band was born during the spring of 2013

Why are you called Liverbox? Who came up with the name?

The name of the band... oh me oh my. I think Mr Järvenpää, our singer would be the best one to answer this one but I can tell you this: he had some kinda weird vision in his head that he should have this Flashy Funky n Cool band called Rico Tubbs and His Liverbox! So, the name stuck on his head and one day they were about to go and play that AC/DC marathon thing and they had to call the band something... so Liverbox it is, hehehe.

Where you in some other band before Liverbox?

Other bands before Liverbox... You know I didn't play drums for more than 15 years before I joined the band. Yes we had bands in the 80's early 90's but then I quit playing drums when I was still quite young. Sure I have played some acoustic gigs as a troubadour here and there during the years but it was my buddy K. Thomas who convinced me to start playing the drums again after such a long break. So hats off to him!!

When did you started playing/singing?

I started banging everything at quite young age already, you know... with the forks at the iron pot and so on... but I think I was around 13-14 years old when I got my first drum kit and thats when it got way more interesting and real.

Which is/are the best memories you have as a band?

Best memories as a band... oh well, it's been an wild and interesting 3 years with these guys. The team spirit and the chemistry in this band is what it is all about so... I'd say that for me all 3 years in the best memories for me in this band... and the story continues...

If you could perform with any singer/band who would it be?

I think we would gladly open a show or three up for Michael Monroe Band... that would be great. But it doesn't matter who we are playing, we are just gonna kick some serious Azz you know!! hehehe 

Last autumn your album was released, was it your first one? Would you like to tell us something about it? Where the listeners can buy your album?

Yes, our debut CD was released November last year and be sure you get your copy from Levykauppa äx !!
We went in the studio with kind of punk attitude so not too much planning was done around that time. The idea was to get us record raw, greasy and loud! So that's what it's all about and I think it came out the way it was supposed to.

Do you have any plans for the future?

The future... yes we have some gig coming up during May and June and yeas we have a bunch of new tunes that we plan to record at some point... so, stay tuned.

Thank you very much Liverbox, for this interview, we wish you all the best and if you come to Loviisa let us know ;).

Interview with Cesco, April 2016

Hello Cesco, would you like to introduce yourself to the listeners/readers?

Hey, my name is Francesco, for the friends Cesco. I'm just a guy who is following his passion for the music. But mostly I'm a boy like you, that is following his dreams, living them and let the rest apart.

When did you start playing/singing?

I started playing when I was 10 years old, and since then I couldn't take my hands off a guitar, at the time I uses to be mostly in rock bands playing Deep Purple and Pink Floyd covers, just the opposite of what I play now. At 14 I took a different path. I wouldn't describe myself as a singer, but as a storyteller, as a songwriter who tells his life in music

Has it always been your dream to be a singer?

Not really... at least not in the womb (ahahah) but as soon as I hit my teenage years I started to dream about it.

How would you describe your music?

My music talks about me, it's not a 90's simple rap, just a loudspeaker, a bass and words; it's an explosion of music, not that the old style was bad, what I meant is that in my music I want to hear the guitar and the voice following it.

Do you write lyrics and music by yourself or you work with someone else?

I usually write the lyrics, as for the music I make sort of a "blueprint" with the guitar or the piano and then my producer finalise it.

What inspire you to make music?

My inspiration is the world around me

If you could perform with any artist who would it be?

I would like to perform with many artists, but let's say that a duo with Marco Mengoni wouldn't be bad.

If you could perform any place, where would it be?

Olympic stadium... is that too much?! (laughs)

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

I don't have a clear vision of my future, I prefer living in the moment and build a strong foundation for the future I want 

Do you have any plans for the future?

Yes... A lot of singles, and album with all my songs and maybe also an official CD and some collaboration with other artists.

Thank you very much Cesco for this interview, we wish all the best to you in the future and if you come to Finland please come to visit us.

Interview with Maria Laura Baccarini, April 2016

Hello Maria Laura, would you like to introduce yourself for our listeners\readers ?

Well, hello! I am an Italian woman, actress-singer or singer-actress, I can’t tell what comes first,  I live in Paris where I moved 12 years ago … since then I started a new career, a different life, by sharing wonderful experiences with amazing musiciens and composers, like Régis Huby.

You’re a very eclectic artist, actress, dancer, singer; would you like to tell us something about these different aspect of your career?

I am very curious , I like to explore… but to do that you need to know very well your instruments, and all different ways to express yourself. Your body, your voice, your heart, your mind. Then you also need to « live » intensely each moment of your life: happiness, pain, excitement, deception, failures, and victories… that ’s the « natural experience » of life. Then, you put all of that in what you do on stage, and that is fascinating, you change, always  that’s surprisingly good.

We read that you have worked for a while with 'La Rancia' troupe.We saw 'A chorus line ' production back in the 90's. How is to work in a musical?

I worked in musical-theatre about 15 years of my life … I really enjoy that . I had the chance to play wonderful roles like Cassie in « A Chorus line » ( in Italy and also in the UK tour ), Sally Bowles in Cabaret, Anita in West Side Story ( European Tour ), Roxie Hart in Chicago, and many many others … it was so much fun! I travelled a lot, I have seen so many towns, so many theaters, full houses … it was exciting … but at some point I felt I needed to go somewhere else, and I felt the urge to grow up, to choose what to «say» , to be responsable of a precise « message » to deliver.

You have worked for television, theatre and cinema. Which one is your favourite?

Theater is my life … I like live shows, I love the « truth »… theater is made of real bodies, real voices, real audiences , so no tricks, just real life and pure emotions.

Would you like to tell us something about your cd ‘'Gaber, io e le cose''?

Gaber, io e le cose is a « duo ».  A voice ( my voice ) and a multi-violinist Régis Huby, who has done an amazing work of arrangements, so original and also very respectful of the meaning of each word .Giorgio Gaber is an italien ICON. He was a singer-actor-song writer and also an intellectual . He had the urgence to get to people , to touch their hearts, to wake up their minds .He and his friend lyricist Sandro Luporini, they wrote a portrait of the italien society, but they also told us about the deepest and complex part of the « human being ». Their language is so poetic and so real, so direct and refined .So, this project is deeply connected with my personal state of mind. It tells what I think about « le cose della vita »  The music in beautiful and words are pure poetry .
Hello RQL friends ! Today our web-site hosts a very special artist, Maria Laura Baccarini, who kindly accepted to have a lovely interview with us. Be sure to read it because she has had a wonderful and eclectic career and if you had the chance be sure to go and see her in one of her northern dates.

Is this your first time here in Finland?

Yes it is, and I am so happy to be here. People are great, full of kindness and very very sensitive.

How did you get here in Finland?

Thanks to Charles Gil! He is a rare example of a manager who really does his job … he works hard ! His job is very difficult nowadays, and thanks to him a lot of musiciens come to this beautiful country and get the chance to meet wonderful people and know your culture.

Interview with Ny Oh, April 2016

Hello Ny Oh, would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners\readers?

My name is Ny Oh and i'm a world traveling / hitchhiking musician spreading a message of love and unity from the heart. I'm English, however, i grew up in New Zealand.. so i've got a funny accent!

We know you have chosen a rather unusual path to fullfil your dream as a  musician. Would you like to tell us something about?

Some would call it unusual.. it feels right to me. I spent a few years solidly in London studying music, playing bar gigs, don't get me wrong, i loved it, but i feel music so much, i play it because it free's me and i didn't feel like it was having that effect there. A few metaphorical roller coaster rides in London lead me to end up on the street, which turned into the biggest blessing in my life. I met some wonderful friends (The Lyrical Nomads), together we went through some beautiful perspective changes and that freedom that music gave me came back. Music and my life we're being lived as two separate things, i was singing about good things, but was i learning from them and was i living them? It's been a journey since then, i'm getting better each day at living my truth, living responsibly on this earth, sharing love and creating space in my life for good things to come in. My life as a traveller is all about actioning my words, living from the heart and sharing that with everyone i meet... i trust in life and am blessed to be on this journey.

How many places have you visited in your traveling and which one is more dear to you? Have you ever been to Finland?

I'm what you would call a slow traveller.. i love to go and spend a decent time in one place, so as not to exhaust myself and also to get the real feel for a place. New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Canaries, Spain, Italy, France, UK, Netherlands, Belgium i've been busking around in the past couple of years. Tenerife was a place of such growth and peace for me, it'll always be special.. but i'm blessed to say i've had such wonderful times in all the places i've visited. When you're hitchhiking, you have to surrender to the flow and life ends up taking you on the adventure, rather than the other way around! I haven't been to Finland.... Guess that'll have to change!

When did you start playing and singing?

When i was 4 i started learning the Violin (special thanks to my mum who pushed to me to not give up) and i swapped it for a guitar at 12, which i taught myself on YouTube (yes it's possible!!) As for singing, it's my one true love in life, i've always known that my voice was a powerful instrument to share with people. When you find yourself harmonising with vacuum cleaners, you know you've got the singing bug!

From where you draw inspiration as a songwriter?

That's always a changing and evolving subject for me. When i started out it was very much trying to make sense of my emotional reactions to 'usual dramatic teenage life'. At the moment i would say i'm inspired by the beauty of the earth, the vastness and connectivity of it all. Songwriting is a release for me, it feels more comfortable, or more like my true nature, for me to sing out my feelings rather than say them.

Which messages we can find in your songs?

Messages of change, love, unity, not only with the world but with yourself. I guess i just try to be as honest as i possible can, so that maybe it will help another person be honest too.

Which the best place where you have played? And where you would like to play?

Ohh that's hard to say -I've played in some beautiful places! Playing anywhere with all of the Lyrical Nomads together always so special and magically charged - Last year at St Pancras Old Church in Kings Cross was very special! Some days just playing on the street can be better than any big venue.. it's all about connection! I would love to play a gig in a beautiful cave somewhere - any suggestions?!

Is there an artist you would like to play with ? And why ?

Joni Mitchell - i admire her honesty, her spirit and her musicality!  Have a listen to Woodstock (one of my faves)

We know you're preparing your second EP, do you want to tell us something about it ?

Yes, it's nearly ready  and I'm so excited. I'm proud of this body of work, it's got emotion, which for me getting that onto a record is always a challenge as recording environments can sometimes feel a little sterile. I had some incredible help from Takatsuna Mukai and Jesse Sheehan, they helped me bring out some magic, let go of some worries in order to get the right sound!
It's called 'Lovely and Honest' and it'll be available mid June (2016) on BandCamp for donation (or free), Spotify, Itunes (and all that Jazz!)

If you could make a wish, which one it would be?

Make a wish? hmmmm-  Oh magic genie, to see the beauty in everything, i'm working on it myself though, thats how you turn those concepts into reality!

Do you want to say something to our listeners\readers?

We are all mirrors to each other, keep choosing goodness, keep smiling, and if thats too hard, then cry, let it all out, feel whatever you need to. Then remember that we're all the same, we're all here together and you are the change. If you don't know where to start, start with Love.

Thank you so much Ny Oh for this interview, we really love your music and we're inspired by your journey. And please, come to Finland !!

Interview with Roaman, March 2016

Hello Roaman, would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners\readers?

Hi beautiful people! My name is Roaman and I am a story-teller, a Lyrical Nomad and an "artivist" from Italy.

When did you start playing\singing?

I've always been singing as far as I can remember. My mother used to sing a lot around the house when I was little and growing up in a Christian church every Sunday we'd sing before the sermon so as a child I was already hooked to singing. On the other hand I started playing guitar very late: I was 20 years old (later than any musician I know), had just dropped out of my first university and wasn't really sure what to do with myself. So one day I picked up my friend's old classical guitar and started teaching myself how to play on youtube...once I started I never stopped!

How would you describe your music?

Uplifting, joyful, rebellious and thought-provoking. It is hard to pin-point it to a specific genre, I'd say it's an organic mix of acoustic indie-folk with (especially on this new EP) lots of reggae with influences from gospel and r'n'b.

What inspires you writing your music? Tell us something about the writing process.

What inspires me is all those things that I believe we should be talking about as people to move towards the direction of change, peace, compassion and universal love. The writing process is kind of a mystery to me as well. It can start from a sentence, a single word, a chord progression that I like or from an idea of something I'd like to talk about. However I have very little control of when the song is going to come or how, all I can do is be present and allow it to flow through me and give it all my attention. It is truly a magical process that I am always so humbled to witness.

Which message can we find in your lyrics?

The overall message that permeates every song I write is always LOVE, love for ourselves, for others, for Mother Nature. I want to remind people that we are all in this together, that they're beautiful the way they are and that change is possible if only we really wanted it and worked together. Recently I've began writing songs which are more "political", meaning I want to talk about that which mainstream media isn't talking about, I want to help people develop a more critical approach to what they hear and ask questions: why are we living this way? What is really going on? Is this really the best we can do? I believe that asking the right questions is the first step towards positive transformation, inner and outer.

One of our favourite song of yours is "Be a friend", would you like to tell us something about  this song?

"Be a Friend" was inspired by the story of a homeless musician based in Vancouver called Andre "Gipsy" Girard. One day many years ago I stumbled upon an independent youtube documentary (you can watch it  HERE) about this beautiful man so full of love and joy despite living in absolute poverty and it inspired me so much that I knew I had to write a song about it. Then, finally, last year the song came to me when I was in Tenerife and it became a sort of an anthem for me, like a personal mantra I feel like it sums up perfectly a lot of the things that I believe in my heart.

With which artist would you like to work with?

I would love to work with Nahko and Medicine for the People, Rising Appalachia, Xavier Rudd, Trevor Hall, Brett Dennen, Jason Mraz, Ben Harper, Macklemore and so many more... all artists that have had a big influence on my journey as a musician and that I love and respect very much.

With which artist(s) have you already worked ? (If you had)

I haven't really worked with any popular artists yet but it's coming. My dear friend Sam Garrett is probably the "most popular" artist I've worked with (he features on my first and second EP). He's been a strong, positive influence both in my music and personal life. Definitely keep an eye on this guy for he's about to explode on the scene

We've read something about the "Lyrical Nomads" collective. Would you like to tell us something about this project?

The Lyrical Nomads is a collective of touring singer-songwriters, troubadours and best friends coming together from 3 continents to share, connect, inspire and heal through music. We come from very different paths of life but somehow we all met in Camden Town (London) at the former InSpiral Lounge, a lovely vegan cafe where we all worked at one point or another. Over the course of 2014/2015 we went from being co-workers to friends to family until eventually we realized that supporting each other and working together we could accomplish so much more than as individuals and so the Lyrical Nomads were born. We're still very much focused on our individual careers but we are also big fans of each other's music so whenever we're all in the same place we put together shows (from house gigs to sold out 200 seater venues), we travel together, have lived together, we basically can't get enough of each other. I am very blessed to be a part of such a tight group of amazing people united by the same fire and the same love, truly they've changed my life.

We know you're about realising a new EP, tell us about it.

I am very, very proud of this EP and couldn't be more excited to be sharing it with the world. It is a collection of tracks that celebrate our common humanity, 5 songs that speak of brotherly love, the necessity of realizing we're all in this together (quite literally) and an invitation to look within to find out that we have more in common than we ever thought. "Free at Last" speaks of hope, unity and peace and it's an EP that will get people to dance, groove, think, laugh and maybe even cry a little bit. I feel this EP is the beginning of something really special and I am so excited for what the future holds.

Which is your favourite song (among yours )?

Probably "Free at Last", the last track featuring Sam Garrett, Ny Oh and Jesse Sheehan (all great friends of mine and some of my favorite musicians). It is the first track that gave me a taste of what reggae, r'n'b and gospel could sound like together and I really want to explore these three genres further. It is a reminder that we're all born free and it is as free men and women that we should be able to live: free to be, free to choose, free to love, free to be free. It is a topic that is very close to my heart and I hope it will spark something within those who will listen to it. And it's has a very engaging rhythm that always gets people grooving!

And your favourite song ever?

My favorite song ever....mmmh, that's a tough one. I've had many "favorite songs ever" over the years. Currently the song that I listen to the most is "Warrior People" by Nahko and Medicine for the People, one of the most powerful songs I've ever heard.  I also love so so much a new song by my dear friend Ny Oh called "I See Change", I can't help but cry every time I listen to it (HERE's the link to a live version). It will be featured on her new EP coming out this summer so definitely keep an ear out for her too.

Which is the best place where you have played?

Probably St Pancras Old Church in downtown London, a 12th century church with incredible acoustics where I've performed two sold out shows with the Lyrical Nomads. There's something really special about playing in a church and the atmosphere was truly unbelievable, so much Love in one place, seeing our community coming together to celebrate life has changed me for the better and I can't wait to play there again. Also, I've had some of my all time favorite gigs at InSpiral Lounge where I used to work. It was a very tiny place but the people were so loving, everyone would listen quietly and many gigs turned out to be incredible evenings of human connections, I think I've cried pure tears of joy on that stage a few times.

If you could make a wish, which one would be?

For my music to have a positive impact on someone's life, to heal, comfort, encourage and inspire and to make a difference in this world. For me to empty myself of "me" in order to live a life of service through music to help wake up our fellow brothers and sisters and be a catalyst for positive change. To keep playing and reach larger and larger crowds and to be able to do so sustainably so that I don't have to struggle to live my dream. I know it sounds like more wishes but they are definitely part of the same vision to me.

Is there anything else you wish to tell to our listeners\readers?

To love themselves because they are walking miracles, to find out who they truly are, to inquire within and without to discover what's really going on and to find out what they can do to help. Our world needs healing, so much is not right and only us, together, can do something to change it. To be brave and follow their dreams, to listen to their hearts and be the people they wish they were because it is possible to live the life they want. To be kind to one another and realize that truly there is no separation between me and you, what's inside of me is what's inside of you and we can live in peace, it is possible, and never like today we need dreamers and lovers and artists and happy people to bring about the change we hope to see. You are beautiful and I love you very much.

Thank you so much Roaman for this interview, we're sure future holds incredible surprises for you ! It is so uplifting finding artists like him, who tries to bring forth such powerful messages through their music and we are really happy to support them with our work.

Interview with Young Solace, March 2016

Hello Solace, would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners\readers?

My name is Solace, I am a rapper/entrepreneur from Tampa FL. 
I'm very passionate about everything I do.

When did you start singing\making music?

I started writing at the age of 9. That was when I decided I wanted to be a rapper because I knew that I could be myself and still make good money.

Do you play any instruments? 

I like to play the piano and guitar on occasion, but i'm definitely no expert in neither field, but im trying to find time to take lessons, but because I'm so busy I don't know when that will start.

How would you describe your music?

My music is a refelection of me and joys & pain that I go through. I like to let people know I'm no different than them, I got family problems and struggles just like everyone else & the studio is my relief to let out all that I've been going through in a postive way

Can you tell us something about the writing process ? Do you write all the lyrics or you work with someone else?

I do write all of my lyrics or in some cases I dont write at all, I just flow with what's on my mind. I pay attention to all the details of my music because I like for the listeners to have a vivid understanding of the point I'm trying to make. Sometimes I write the hook first & then the verse other times I do the complete opposite so my process changes all the time, but I overall like to make sure I'm having fun and staying true to myself as an artist.

Which kind of message we can find in your songs?

I think the message that I like to get across the most to my listeners is to believe in yourself even if nobody else does and no matter how hard things are you have the ability to change your situation, because I come from nothing and if I didn't believe in myself I would still be nothing. The only person that can stop your success is you.

Do you want to tell us something about the single you released in the last days?

Rotation is the first single I have released this year and the song is pretty much about how I didn't know I achieved success when I became a little successful, I just kept working. I never focused on the success because there is still so much more I want to achieve.

Is there an artist (or more than one ) who especially inspires you?

T.I. is someone who inspired me growing up, because I feel as though we have similar backgrounds. T.I. is one of those people that is able to adapt to any situation that life throws at him and still remain himself, which is something i have the upmost respect for.

Is there an artist with whom you would like to work?

Lil Wayne is definitely at the top of that list, because his work ethic is out of this world. He means so much to hip hop that as soon as I get the chance to record with him I'm definitely going use it as a learning experience, and going harder then ever because you have too, it's Lil Wayne.

We know you're very proactive, you also work in a record label and you run your own business. Would you like to tell us something more about this ? How can you do everything ? It's amazing !

Working with Cash Money Records is definitely a dream come true for me. I'm learning so much about the business and getting the experience of a lifetime that is priceless. My shoe store, called "Soleciety", is where a lot of hard work goes into, but I wouldn't be able to do this without my team. I really have a group of amazing guys that help me keep the dream alive and if it wasn't for my boys Tee, Wolf, Medz & Ace I don't know how I would be able to do all this. I'm grateful to those guys forever as well as the Lord up above.

If you could make a wish, what would it be?

I just wish I can take care of my family and friends, so that we never have to struggle ever again. That's why i do this, to put a smile on my mother's face and just enjoy life with the people I will never forget.

Is there anything else you wish to tell to our listeners\readers?

Thank you all for listening and stay tuned in to Radio Queen Loviisa. Go get my new single "Rotation" available now for free download comment & share. Remember to follow your dreams your miracle could be right around the corner.

Thank you so much Young Solace for this interview ! 
Keep up the great job you're doing. 

Steven Sedalia Interview, March 2016 

Hello Steven, would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners\readers?

I was born and raised in North Carolina. Everything to know can be learned through the music. I am a servant of Love and give my breath on Earth to facilitate compassion and connection amongst all things.

When did you start to play\sing?

In the womb! But actually I’ve been playing instruments ever since I was little, but was given a guitar at 16 and began singing around 17 and writing songs around 18, a critical time to begin learning these expression techniques.

Do you play any instruments?

I play guitar, banjo, and my own body.
I also like to incorporate rocks, sticks, leaves, and other gifts of nature to make percussive sounds.

How would you describe your music?

I always say sun kissed mountain flower music. It’s based largely in a folk fusion style using organic acoustic instruments along with earth-tone percussion and a mantric vocal style, emphasizing themes of Love, wonder, and connection to the Great Mother Nature. Raising consciousness and awareness is a huge goal of the music, as well as facilitating personal and global healing.

Do you write either the songs and the music or do you work with someone else?

The songs are written through a dialogue with the Great Mother herself, the Spirit of Nature, the Goddess of the Wilderness. Through communication with her breath in the form of leaves and rivers and wind, she is the song, and my work is to transcribe her language and infuse it with the emotion of our humanity to create a form recognizable to all our brothers and sisters in the human family so to sing a bridge into existence between humanity and “the transcendent Other.

Which kind of message we can find in your songs?

Oh, Love, the truth that everything is connected. You are Nature. That which is outside is also inside. If you listen, you will hear. You will be guided, by what some call God, others call it the heart, the ancestors, Spirit, the Universe, Consciousness, etc. Language is everywhere, melody is everywhere, wind, ocean, river, rhythm exists in all things, all things are rhythm, everything is rhythm. Everything is music.

Do you want to tell us something about the upcoming album? Is this your first album?

This is my first album and it would not have been possible without the love and support of all the people involved in the project. The Great Spirit that flows through everyone and all things is the source of all beauty we see. The seeds we sow are the fruits that grow. I am grateful.

If you could make a wish, what would it be?

The balance will always prevail. The dark and the light must always be equal and lovers. I wouldn’t want it any other way. But a center wish would be to for everyone to treat everyone else with love and compassion.

Is there anything else you wish to tell to our listeners\readers?

I love you. And, Our ancestors live in the leaves and our descendents live in the seeds. So sit with them, be with your family of the Earth, and realize that every being ever to have lived and every being that ever will live is your family. Furthermore, the beings that live purely in spirit like the rivers and the wind and the sun, they are your great relatives and they will always look after you, as much a part of you as your own heart pumping life through you

Where can we follow you ? ( social\youtube\website) And where we can buy your album?

Come connect! Album can be downloaded for FREE or name your price on Bandcamp, or bought on itunes. Download the record for free and share it!! If you like it and want to support future work, there are ways to do that. However, I first and foremost above all costs, want you to listen to the music!

Thank you so much Steven and keep up the good job you're doing !